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Why Steel Garage Buildings are Superior to Wood or Concrete

Do you need a garage building? There’re many factors that you’ll have to consider before you get your garage installed. One of these factors is the building material.

You can go with steel, concrete, or wood. Out of all these materials, steel is the most durable. It’s also safer for contractors to work with.

image - Why Steel Garage Buildings are Superior to Wood or Concrete
Why Steel Garage Buildings are Superior to Wood or Concrete

If you live in a place that sees hurricane winds, steel garage buildings are the only way to go. Metal is also fire resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your garage burning down.

These aren’t the only benefits of steel garages. Check out this building guide to learn more.

Steel is Safer to Work With

Steel comes with parts that are easy to assemble. This cuts down on labor costs. It’s also safer for contractors to install.

The same can’t be said about other materials. Concrete poses a safety hazard until it dries all the way and wood beams are heavy to work with.

Having a steel frame building is also safer for you because they’re wind-resistant. They can handle hurricane winds without falling over. This means you won’t have to worry about being crushed if you’re in the garage when the storm hits.

It’s Durable

As long as you take care of your steel structure building, it will stand strong for years to come. Steel doesn’t corrode or warp. It also packs tons of tensile strength.

Concrete buildings are prone to cracks because they absorb moisture. Wood has the same problem, except when it takes in moisture, it becomes vulnerable to rotting.

If you have a wooden garage, you have to worry about termites as well. These little pests will ruin the structure of the building and they’re difficult to get rid of. Steel, on the other hand, is resistant to most pests.

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Steel Offers Wind Resistance

Again, premium steel buildings can withstand hurricane-level winds without falling over. The material bends with the force of the wind, but it won’t buckle.

Concrete can be brittle. Instead of moving with the wind, it’s likely to crumble. Wood garage buildings can be wind-resistant, but they will cost you.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is where both steel and concrete shine. They won’t burn if a fire breaks out. Wood is a different story.

Wood buildings are highly vulnerable to fires. Once the building catches flame, that’s it. The material acts as kindling that will keep the fire burning.


Once your steel building is up, you won’t have to bother with it too much. It requires some maintenance, but not as much as wood and concrete.

If something on your steel building breaks, it can be fixed without much trouble at all. If a problem occurs with your concrete or wood garage, it will take a skilled hand to take care of it.

Steel Garage Buildings Are Superior

Steel garage buildings are superior to wood and concrete in almost every way. It’s a durable material that takes very little maintenance upkeep. It’s fire-resistant and you won’t have to worry about it buckling when faced with high winds.

Once your steel garage is up, you’ll have to decorate it. Check out the Design Ideas section of our blog to get a few tips that will make your building pop.

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