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Interior Design: Your Style Guide to Bathroom Finishes

On average, people spend about an hour a day in their bathroom.

With this many hours to be spent in your bathroom space per week, this is somewhere you should love. Usually, this is the room you will start your day in. It should give you the peaceful and positive vibrations you need to make each day extraordinary.

image - Interior Design Your Style Guide to Bathroom Finishes
Interior Design Your Style Guide to Bathroom Finishes

Bathroom finishes are the key to making this room in your home your new favorite. These six simple yet useful design tips will transform your bathroom into the oasis of your dreams.

Let’s get into it:


For the majority of the day, your bathroom is going to be steamy and damp. While this can be a pain, it is also the perfect environment for humidity-loving live plants.

Not only do live plants brighten any space, but they also clean the air in your home and add the perfect lush touch to a relaxed space.

Choose some low-maintenance plants that thrive well in little sunlight, like a snake plant, succulents, or a golden pothos, to brighten up your space in a healthy way.

Don’t Shy Away from Dark

While light and airy bathrooms with white finishes are common, it’s time to stop shying away from dark colors.

Using a stark contrast of black or a dark navy blue in your bathroom will add a non-traditional flare that is hard to compete with. Adding touches of the dark with black cabinets or a navy blue accent wall is sure to make your space both trendy and elegant.

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Futuristic Bathroom Finishes

Adding a few futuristic finishes to your space is sure to up your bathroom style to the luxury level. When it comes to bathroom technology, the opportunities are endless.

From touch-screen, controlled showers, and towel warms to self-cleaning toilets and this touchless bathroom faucet, design your new bathroom with the finishes that are prepared to make your life seamless and your space flawless.

Pops of Color

Bright colors in your space will definitely give you that early morning serotonin release you need for an energy-focused day. Get creative with where you place this accent color, whether in tile, porcelain, cabinets, or towels.

Using an accent color in your bathroom design is creative and practical. Yellows will boost your mood, blue will mellow you out, and green will tie you back to the serenity of mother earth.

Choose a color that speaks to you and pop it into your next bathroom design. Consider pairing these brights with a trendy skylight. You will not regret it!


Fortunately, vintage never quite goes out of style, and neither does industrial. Repurposing light fixtures and washbasins into the centerpieces of your bathroom will add so much to your space.

Unique mason jars, perfume bottles, and old vases or dishes are just a few of the items you can thrift to add that eclectic vintage feel to your bathroom. Deep soak tubs will never go out of style either. Framing your old-fashioned tub in lush finishes creates a serene space for you to soak, read books, and enjoy a glass of wine.

Create a Serene Home Spa

Take these bathroom style trends and see where they fit into your space. Remodel and repurpose your bathroom to be your favorite place in your home. You deserve to start your morning and end your day in a peaceful spa within the walls of your own home.

For more bathroom design tips, take a look around our website for ideas, plans, and options for opulent and practical bathroom finishes.