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9 Window Design Ideas to Spice up Your Home

Who knew choosing windows can be so complicated? When you think about it, windows come in different shapes, sizes, materials, styles, and so on. Gone are the days when windows were mere holes on the walls.

image - 9 Window Design Ideas to Spice up Your Home
9 Window Design Ideas to Spice up Your Home

That said, how do you choose a window design that’s perfect for your home? First, browse through the different styles and see which appeals to you. Don’t forget to take into account their functionality, like efficiency, ventilation, and lighting.

To give you an idea of the different designs of windows, check out our list of 9 window styles you can use in your home.

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1. Bay Windows

Bay windows consist of three windows placed at a 30- to a 45-degree angle to each other. Due to this placement, they can give you a wider view of the outdoors.

They’re great for sitting spaces, wherein you may want to sip a hot tea while looking at a wonderful view. You’ll often see these areas used as breakfast nooks, too, or reading spots. The alcove also gives you space you can use for more storage.

2. Window Walls

Do you need as much natural light as possible? Not every house with big windows would suffice – they must have window walls.

As the name suggests, window walls have floor-to-ceiling windows. They have an all-glass design most of the time, especially in more modern settings.

They’re a good choice for when you want the room to open to a view. If you have a garden or a view of a lake, the beach, or a cliff, this is the best type of windows to have in your house.

3. Skylight

Skylights have been a popular architectural element for centuries; you’ll even see several installations in the Palace of Versailles. Its architectural appeal is its most popular benefit. That aside, its number one feature is its direct access to the stars.

It’s one of the best ways to mimic the feeling of being outside. Not only will your family enjoy the under-the-sky feels, but your plants will also thank you for it.

If you don’t have vertical space for house windows, skylights also offer a solution. They’ll keep an otherwise dark space illuminated.

The sunlight may become overbearing on summer days, though. You can have them frosted for protection and added privacy, although retractable blinds work, as well.

4. High Windows

Skylights, however, require horizontal space that you might not have. In that case, consider getting high windows instead. You’ll still need a high ceiling, though.

High windows can still give you a view of the sky and treetops while providing your space natural light. You also don’t need to sacrifice your privacy and wall storage space. If they’re operable, they’re also a good way to get extra ventilation.

5. Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are a great way to add colorful décor while giving you privacy at the same time. It doesn’t compromise natural light for privacy, and the art adds character to the room.

That’s why it’s great for bathrooms, wherein you might not want to put curtains but still don’t want to be visible to onlookers. They can be the right choice for any room, though.

They add an antique touch to your home, but they’re customizable so they can fit most interior designs. You can use them as a focal point in your modern home, for example. It’s easy to match their design to your home’s interior.

6. Entry Door Windows

Your entryway sets the tone for the rest of the house. It’s worth spicing up if you want to make a good impression on your guests.

Well-placed windows can do that for you, but making your house have the best façade in the block isn’t the only advantage they provide.

They make the entryway brighter, adding much-needed natural light. When you have a solid door that might make the house dark and gloomy, this is a wonderful addition. You can even use it as a massive peephole; you’ll never have to guess who’s on the other side of the house again.

For the reasons above, windows alone can give your house a drastic increase in value.

7. Awning Windows

Awning windows give your house more modern aesthetics, but they’re more functional than anything.

image - Awning Windows

For one, they’re highly energy-efficient. Their insulation is one of the best in the industry so that when they’re closed, they leak the least amount of air.

Because of their unique appearance, you can give them unique placements, too. This allows for better ventilation and lighting for the room.

It’s perfect for taking advantage of the cool air when it rains, as well. You can keep this type of window design open even when it’s pouring cats and dogs. The way that the windows open keeps the water out while allowing the air in.

8. Dormer Windows

Dormer windows break down an expansive block of roofing, which may look quite boring. They balance the exterior elements to add height and even bring attention to certain areas of the façade.

Instead of relying on skylights to illuminate a room under a sloping roof, you can use dormer windows for those purposes. They allow you to add ventilation and natural lighting in such an area. The extra space you can use as a cozy nook or storage space is a bonus.

9. Contemporary Windows

Clean lines are the highlight of contemporary windows – perfect for your contemporary home. Although simple to look at, they have a strong personality that gives character to both the exterior and interior of the house.

They can be small or big; either way, they have don’t interrupt the light coming in. They’re the best replacement windows for when you want to bring your home to modern times.

They have an effortless, elegant look, as well, which is one of their main appeals to homeowners.

Window Repair and Replacement Installation Services

Now that you’re aware of different window designs, you can choose from them to update the looks and functionality of your home. A do-it-yourself window design is okay but leave the repair and replacement installation in an expert’s hands.

A simple window glass replacement can cause deep cuts if you don’t have experience. For instance, removing the old, broken, or dirty glass from the window with pliers can be dangerous without proper skills. This step could lead to breaking the entire glass by accident, which can risk your safety. So, better hire someone else to do the job for you.

A handyman Wichita KS or a similar professional in your area can help with window repair and replacement installation. But how do you select the right local handyman for your window project? Here’s how:

  • Choose one with enough experience and the right qualifications that can make your window design ideas come true.
  • Choosing a professional from a reputable home improvement company that’s fully insured is advisable. You must ensure the company carries general liability insurance and provides workers’ compensation benefits for your peace of mind.

In addition, window repair and replacement require specialized tools and safety equipment. Professionals have a complete toolkit with the proper training and skills to proceed with your window repair and replacement.

Choose the Best Window Design for Your House

While choosing between the different types of windows above, keep in mind that the window design must match the style of your home to make it look more cohesive. Don’t hesitate to go over this guide again to find which style works for you!

If you’re unsure, consult an expert or head on over to our blog posts to read more tips. We cover DIY projects, home improvement tips, woodworking, and more!