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5 Wood Home Decor Ideas You Never Thought About

What do you think about when someone mentions wooden home décor? Furniture? Frames for paintings and mirrors? Wall clocks? There are better ideas that you probably may not have heard about before.

For a picture in a frame or a world map wood is a great material and a reflection of your visions.

image - 5 Wood Home Decor Ideas You Never Thought About
5 Wood Home Decor Ideas You Never Thought About

Wooden Maps

Wooden islands and continents on your wall look incredible. Stylish and imaginative, this idea shows you as a person who really cares about the world we live in.

It concerns both events all over the globe and your own attitude towards ecology. There are various options, including:

  • World maps
  • Region maps
  • Country maps
  • City maps

A map made of wooden pieces may be challenging to install, but when done right, it looks fantastic. They may come in 2D or 3D, made of different woods, in different colors like printed maps. Get ready to hear all of your guests say wow.

Candle Displays

What? Wood and open fire? In direct contact? Are they crazy? Why do they think chandeliers are made of metal and fireplaces of stone? Don’t rush to conclusions, though: the wood in this holder is impregnated to make it fireproof.

In addition, the fire will not directly touch it, even if the candles burn down to the bottom. As for metal, some versions of this accessory use real horseshoes as legs.

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Wood Pictures

Wooden frames are nothing new. But what if the frame is made of anything else, and the masterpiece in it is wooden? It can be a board on which the picture is drawn instead of canvas, or something braver, like twigs symbolizing a forest.

This juxtaposition is anything but usual, and though the revolution in art is now much harder to make, it can be your own view on traditions.

Flower Bins or Vases

Traditionally made of clay or plastic, these are always surprising when wooden. Of course, you need to make them hermetic from the inside. Place a traditional vase in it, or make it a small barrel (which will take more time and effort) – it’ll look great anyway.

Hanging Signs

No matter if you use this sign outside of your room (a dull do-not-disturb or something more inventive) or in it, a wooden plate is a great carrier for it.

Carve or write your text, select the right font to make it look like it’s taken from the Wild West, the revolutionary Paris, or Victorian Britain.

As for the message, it can be whatever you want it to be. Just make sure you really want it: it’s not the sort of board where you can erase and rewrite.

There are more things you can make of wood. It has been one of the most widely used materials throughout history, and for a reason. Now, in our synthetic time, wood highlights your taste and sense of beauty.

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