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The Best Way to Frame a Poster

People often stick a poster to the wall as it is. Such posters get ruined in a short space of time when they are exposed to different environmental factors. However, you can increase their lifespan and make them look more attractive by framing them in eye-catching frames.

If you do not know how to frame a poster, the steps described below will tell you how to do it like a professional.

image - The Best Way to Frame a Poster
The Best Way to Frame a Poster

Straighten the Poster

Posters are usually rolled and stored in a tube so that their edges and borders do not get damaged. When they are removed from the tube, they again curl up, which is why you need to straighten them before placing them in a frame.

Attach a poster’s edges to a foam board to uncurl it. Do it carefully to avoid air bubble formation.

Get the Frame Ready

Get different components of the frame ready before placing a poster in it. Untie frame hinges, remove the backboard of the frame, and get plexiglass to cover the poster.

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Remove Dust from the Inner Surface of the Frame Glass

Check the inner surface of glass or plexiglass before securing it to its place. It should not have fingerprints or dust. If there is any, clean the surface carefully. An unclean glass surface can make an art piece look blurred. So do not skip this step, even if it seems minor.

Combine Different Components of the Frame

Now combine all components of the frame. Hold the glass such that your fingers do not touch its inner surface. Otherwise, your fingerprints will be visible on the inner surface. You can also avoid fingerprint formation by holding a glass with a clean paper towel.

Place Poster in the Frame

Place the poster inside the frame. It should stay straight, and its corners should also not bend. Make sure it is in the center. Place the frame on a straight surface and step back to observe it from a distance. Bring the poster to the center if it is unbalanced.

Attach the Poster

Posters are usually thin and lightweight, due to which they can bend again. You can secure them to their position by fixing them with the help of staple pins and clips. Insert clips and staple pins at the edges so that they are not visible to viewers.

Give the Poster a Professional Look with Poster Backing

A poster backing can keep the poster in good shape and make it appear professional. Make sure it is acid-free. Otherwise, your poster’s material and color will get ruined after some time. You do not need a poster backing if your poster has a foam board behind it.

Hang Frame Like a Professional

Now that your frame is ready, hang it wherever you want to. Get a drill and fix a screw in the wall. Hang the frame in such a way that it is balanced. Balance the frame by observing its position from a distance. If you still cannot balance it, get a water balance tool to perform the task.

Follow this step-by-step guide to frame your next poster and make it look great!

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