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Sealy vs. Stearns & Foster: Which Mattress is Comfortable for Sleeping?

This article is a match-up between Sealy vs. Stearns & Foster two brands owned by the Tempur-Sealy Corporation.

Stearns & Foster is a luxury brand that has been around since the mid-1800s.  Up to this day, the brand has maintained its long-lasting, quality craftsmanship throughout the years.

image - Sealy vs. Stearns & Foster: Which Mattress is Comfortable for Sleeping?
Sealy vs. Stearns & Foster: Which Mattress is Comfortable for Sleeping?

Sealy, on the other hand, is famous for its middle-of-the-road options, although they also offer a premium selection of beds.

Read on for useful information about buying from these two brands.

A Quick Look at Sealy Mattresses


Cocoon is the brand’s world-famous bed-in-a-box line. Currently, there are two versions of the Cocoon mattress: Chill Memory Foam and Chill Hybrid.\

A Quick Look at Sealy Mattresses

Chill Hybrid is frequently described as a cool and comfortable bed, while Chill Memory Foam is often recommended for heavy sleepers who suffer from lower back pain.

Both Cocoons are made with CertiPUR-US certified foam and they come with a cooling cover that helps absorb and disperse heat.

Hybrid Collection

Hybrid Essential

This mattress is the most affordable option in this collection but unfortunately, you only get to choose one firmness level. Hybrid Essential is made with CertiPUR-US certified foam plus encased coils.

Hybrid Performance

This mattress is available in three different firmness levels. Hybrid Performance is partially made of gel memory foam and it has 20 percent more coils than Hybrid Essential.

Hybrid Premium

Coming with a few upgraded features, it costs a little bit more than Hybrid Essential and Hybrid Performance. Hybrid Premium boasts more breathable foam and it has an allergen protector cover to boot.

Conform Collection

Conform Essential

This mattress is available in two firmness levels. Conform Essential comprises CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and gel foam.

Conform Performance

Not only does this bed help you sleep cool, but it also helps reinforce support on the heaviest parts of your body. Conform Performance is available in firm, cushion firm, and plush.

Conform Premium

Customers who bought Conform Premium rave about the Posturepedic technology of the top layer as well as its excellent edge support.

The reinforced edge system is perfect for couples as it maximizes space and prevents movement.

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Response Collection

Response Essential

This budget-friendly mattress is designed to limit motion transfer. Response Essential is available in cushion firm or without a pillow top.

Response Performance

This mattress features Sealy’s Posturepedic technology and gel memory foam, thus keeping you cool as you sleep.

Response Performance is available in plush or cushion-firm feels and you can choose whether or not you want a pillowtop.

Posturepedic Plus

This line caters to different needs; it is available in ultra-soft, soft, medium, firm, and ultra-firm.

Posturepedic Plus has all the basic features of the Response line, but it offers a lot more support for the spine. Plus, it comes with a cooling cover and allergen protector.

A Quick Look at Stearns and Foster Mattresses

A Quick Look at Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Estate Series

Mattresses from the Estate Series feature the IntelliCoil system. Nested coils provide superior edge support, thereby increasing the durability as well as the shape of the beds.

Lux Estate Series

This series has all of the incredible benefits offered by the Estate Series; only this time, it boasts of advanced, HD Indulge memory foam and HD IntelliCoil System for superior comfort and support. Unfortunately, this line does not offer a pillow-top option, which some customers may want.

Reserve Series

Firm, plush, and pillowtop plush mattresses from the Reserve Series offer a high-end feel with luxury memory foam and upholstery-grade velvet exterior.  This line is the most expensive, so it may not appeal to those trying to sleep on big purchases.

Sealy vs. Stearns & Foster: Side By Side Comparison

Sealy vs. Stearns & Foster: Side By Side Comparison

Durability and Construction

Both brands offer high-quality innerspring, memory foam, and pocketed coil hybrids.

Stearns and Foster take pride in the fact that their mattresses are crafted by Certified Master Craftsmen while Sealy always mentions their Posturepedic Technology.

Versus Sealy, Stearns, and Foster offer a more pillowy feel in many of their options. This feature is highly coveted and despite the quality of the materials used, sagging issues are still inevitable.

But compared to Stearns and Foster, Sealy seems to have received more negative reviews regarding the durability of their products. Usually, people complained about the degrading firmness in the support layers.


Stearns & Foster mattresses all have support systems that deliver sufficient cradling for the spine and their comfort layers are equally impressive. The brand pays a little more attention to the comfort level of its products.

Sealy, on the other hand, offers more firm options with their focus on their Posturepedic Technology. The brand provides zoned support, particularly addressing the middle spine.

However, some customers have reported that the support is not as long-lasting as they hoped it to be. As a matter of fact, there have been complaints that the Sealy beds sag before the expected duration.

Motion Transfer and Edge Support

Both brands have lines that offer exceptional edge support.  However, it is to be expected that memory foam mattresses provide less support along the edges compared to coiled systems.

Temperature Regulation

Both brands have options designed to keep sleepers cool at night. As for bed covers, they wick away moisture, creating a surface that is cool to the touch.


Sealy mattresses are less expensive compared to Stearns and Foster beds. While Sealy accommodates a wide range of buyers, Stearns and Foster cater to those who prioritize luxury over price.

The latter takes pride in crafting luxurious beds featuring memory foam with velvet accents, delivering both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Types of Sleepers

Whether you prefer Sealy to Stearns and Foster or vice versa, I can vouch that you can find a bed that will support your needs. There is a generous selection of mattresses, side, back, stomach, or combination sleepers.

The majority of Sealy as well as Stearns and Foster mattresses can also support heavy sleepers weighing 250 pounds or a little bit more.


Stearns and Foster mattresses are expensive options but so far, those who bought them have fewer problems down the line. But for something more affordable, you will want to choose among Sealy’s generous selection.

Both brands have lines that offer options to every type of sleeper. But before anything else, it is wise to think about what type of mattress you prefer and from there, it would be a lot easier to narrow down your choices.