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9 Memory Foam Benefits That Will Help You Sleep

Who invented memory foam?

It was NASA!

NASA invented memory foam to help make airplane seats more comfortable for pilots. About 4 decades later, the world began to realize that memory foam could also be used to create the perfect mattress for sleeping through the night.

image - 9 Memory Foam Benefits That Will Help You Sleep
9 Memory Foam Benefits That Will Help You Sleep

If you’re getting ready to buy a new mattress, then this article is for you.

Before you rush out to get a traditional style mattress, take a moment to learn about 9 memory foam benefits. From relieving pressure to helping allergies, there are so many things memory foam can help with.

What are the benefits of memory foam mattresses that can help you? Read on to find out!

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1. Great for Every Sleeping Position

What’s your preferred sleeping position? Here are some of the most popular sleeping positions:

  • Log position
  • Starfish position
  • Laying on your back
  • Laying on your side
  • Fetal position
  • Yearner position
  • Spooning position

About 7% of people like sleeping on their stomachs, while another 8% enjoy laying on their backs.

Whether you like sleeping on your back, side, or belly, memory foam mattresses can accommodate you! On top of helping you sleep through the night, healthy sleeping positions can also help you avoid having to deal with all sorts of neck and back pain.

2. Avoid Motion Transfer

Another one of the top benefits of sleeping on memory foam is that you can avoid having any motion transfer. Motion transfer can be a big problem if you sleep with a restless partner.

Did you know that not everyone’s hardwired to sleep through the night? It’s completely natural for some people to wake up every 4 hours or more depending on their sleeping cycle.

If your partner tends to move around during the night, it can cause motion transfer which can disrupt your sleeping cycle. Luckily, a memory foam mattress can eliminate motion transfer, helping both of you get the type of sleep you need!

3. Memory Foam Benefits for Seniors

Moving on, memory foam benefits also extend to help senior citizens enjoy a higher quality of life. The older you get, the more crucial it becomes to find the ideal mattress that can help you sleep through the night.

Seniors who have a medical condition can make their conditions much worse if they’re not sleeping comfortably through the night.

For the best pressure relief, seniors should look for a memory foam mattress that can support their neck, head, and shoulders, while also evenly distributing their weight.

4. Lots of Options to Choose From

As a savvy mattress shopper, it’s helpful to have lots of purchasing options to choose from. There are all sorts of memory foam mattresses available to help you customize your sleeping experience.

For starters, there are traditional memory foam beds that are made using petroleum-based products. Next, there are plant-based memory foam mattresses, that tend to be more springy than traditional memory foam beds are.

Lastly, you can also choose to get a gel memory foam like the ones in this loom and leaf mattress review. A high-density memory foam mattress that uses a gel can help you stay comfy and cool all night long.

5. Good for People With Allergies

Do you suffer from allergies? Then you’ll be happy to know that allergy relief is another one of the memory foam bed benefits you can enjoy. Mattresses that use coil and springs can collect mold and mildew.

Pillowtop mattresses can become a haven for dust mites and other small bugs that can irritate your allergies. Instead of suffering, you can get a hypoallergenic memory foam mattress.

6. Long-Lasting Investment

When you get a memory foam mattress, don’t buy the cheapest one possible. Instead, shop for value rather than price.

Look for features you care about that will help you get the best night’s sleep possible. Once you buy the mattress, you won’t have to worry about buying another one for up to a decade!

7. Noiseless Mattress

Do you have kids in the house or roommates? If you and your partner want to be intimate, a noisy bed can quickly ruin the mood.

One of our favorite memory foam benefits is that you’ll be able to finally have a noiseless mattress that’s free of squeaks and creeks. However, even though it’s coil free, your memory foam mattress will still have the bounce and responsiveness you need to have a wonderful time.

8. No Sagging

Sadly, traditional mattresses can start to sag after only a year or 2 of use. Considering your mattress is probably one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in your bedroom, early sagging can be a real disappointment.

Thankfully, sagging isn’t something you have to worry about with a memory foam bed. By hugging your body’s curves, and alleviating pressure points, your mattress will stay the same shape for its entire life.

9. Easy to Transport

Do you move a lot, or are you going to have your memory foam mattress shipped to your house? If yes then you’ll be happy to know that memory foam beds are easy to transport. Unlike traditional mattresses that require a giant moving truck, there are memory foam options that you can simply roll-up.

After rolling up your memory foam mattress, all you need to do is put it in a large, vacuum-sealed airtight bag and you’re ready to go! If you’re shipping your memory foam mattress, we suggest you take the time to find a trustworthy and affordable shipping company.

For instance, look for a shipping company that’s willing to transport single items while also offering a satisfaction guarantee.

Have a Sweet Sleep

After reading all 9 memory foam benefits, which one are you the most excited about? Are you looking forward to finally having a noiseless bed for intimate nights? Or are you ready to have a bed that’s able to accommodate any of your sleeping positions?

Since your mattress is an investment, remember to shop around as you find the perfect features to help you have a sweet sleep every night. For more ways to drift off into dreamland, explore the rest of this site.