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A Sleepers Guide to Types of Mattresses

A good night’s sleep can be quite satisfying. This is incomparable to any other feeling our daily activities generate. When the mind is overworked, the body suffers. It may not seem like it, but sleep has the power to substantially affect your behavior during the rest of the day substantially.

A good mattress like natural mattresses is essential for some sweet dreams. Many types exist due to the shifts in preferences in a mattress. Each of these is tailored to address the needs of various sleepers. The design differences help group mattresses into many categories.

A Sleepers Guide to Types of Mattresses
A Sleepers Guide to Types of Mattresses

Why You Need to Know about Different Mattresses

When thinking about your different sleeping needs, mattresses types should typically be at the top of your list. You need to understand how each function and appreciate its pros and cons to make a sound decision.

Sometimes the pros of a mattress and cons outweigh its cons. Once you understand your mattress, you will manage.

A Sleepers Guide to Types of Mattresses

Like many of you, I take an interest in my sleep quality. This interest was influential in helping me analyze the kinds of mattresses there are and decide which is a suitable choice for my sleeping habits. Let’s take a look at the common types of mattresses in the market.

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Innerspring or Coil Mattresses

Innerspring or Coil Mattresses
Innerspring or Coil Mattresses

Have you ever seen those instances when a mattress randomly pops open, and spring suddenly pops out with a loud boing? Well for all non-cartoon watchers, allow me to explain.

Coil mattresses are built with a layer of connected springs. The higher the number of coils means the higher quality of the mattress. Inner coil mattresses are a pocket-friendly choice. You can decide on the degree of firmness of your mattress by choosing items with a high or a low number of coils.

If you are looking for a mattress for pressure point relief and pain resolution, you may want to try looking at other options. When the coil systems begin to wear, the squeakiness’ of the springs may be a turn-off to some people.

Fun fact about innerspring mattresses: the coils are not of just one type. They come in different spiral designs and thicknesses. Such is the detailed design factors that create variation within the category of coil mattresses.

Memory Foam

What a fun name. These are the kinds of mattresses that love to hug their owners. As the name suggests, memory foam mattresses conform to the sleeper’s body during sleep. They have a reputation for swallowing you up and keeping you snug.

Looking for a soft option to cradle you while you sleep, why not try the memory foam section? The fact that your body sinks into the mattress allows for contouring your spine and body parts for pressure release.

Memory foam mattresses take the cake with the relaxation criterion for selecting mattresses. They are a good option for realigning your spine and for pressure relief.

However, the sinking effect may be a double-edged sword. When stomach sleepers lie down on a memory foam mattress, they risk curving their backs awkwardly and potential back issues. Therefore, understanding your sleeping habits is an excellent tool in understanding mattresses and choosing the right one for you.

Air and Water Beds

Air and Water Beds
Air and Water Beds

Talk about an innovative mattress filling. As their respective names suggest, these items are filled with air and water as the primary support systems. These chambers are surrounded by upholstery and padding to form a complete mattress.

The firmness of these items may be altered by changing the specs of the air or water pressure within the primary support chamber.

Water beds give you the option of a free flow or limited flow chamber. The free flow chamber is one that many of us can identify with thanks to those seventies motel scenes where the bed is almost always a wavy water bed.

The waveless waterbed compartmentalizes the water within the primary chamber to eliminate the wavy motion of the bed. These mattresses both air and water are recommendable to back sleepers.


This is a whole other world of mattresses. Hybrids combine different types for new mattress formulas. Classics such as innerspring mattresses are combined with advanced options to form innerspring latex hybrids or latex hybrids or even a two classic combo for, memory foam and innerspring hybrids.

With hybrids, you get the best of two different mattress designs. By combining powers, hybrids cater for sleep issues that other mattresses fail to address (either partially or entirely) Just so you know; latex mattresses are basically memory foam mattresses made with the more natural latex option. Like the Twilight saga, you might not know what hybrid to choose.

Other Options

Other options are available primarily in different fabrics to accommodate various needs. Those who prefer more natural fibers can opt to get latex mattresses or natural fiber mattresses. Latex beds are great for medium-firm support, and the best part is that they’re made from a plant-based derivative.

Similarly, natural fiber beds are made using hypoallergenic materials to suit sensitive sleepers and save them the trouble that comes with non-hypoallergenic conditions.


Synthetic alternatives such as polyfoam and gel mattresses are developed as advanced options as compared to the classics. The gel mattress is almost like memory foam but retains less heat. A gel is bound to the material surrounding it and keeps you cool at night for optimal sleep conditions.

So where can you get yourself a mattress to effectively solve all your sleeping problems? Well, you could start by window shopping for options. If you don’t have the time or the right place to purchase a mattress physically, why not try online shops.

You might be pleasantly surprised. Brooklyn bedding mattress, for example, carries a variety of options that you can peruse from the comfort of your home, or office chair. It depends on where you like to do your online shopping.

Final Thoughts

Each type of mattress serves its own separate functions and can affect sleep differently. When the time comes to get a new mattress, you might want to consider revisiting your notes and make a pros and cons list to make the right choice of mattress.

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