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Working of Small Pellet Mill and Pellet Plant

In the past few years, the use of pellet fuel has been increased greatly. It imparts a positive effect on the pellet mills, and all this is due to wood pellets. Wood pellets are a common type of pellets.

The wood pellets are manufactured from the raw materials of agriculture and forests. Other commonly used raw materials are sawdust, wood shavings, industrial wastes, and shells.

image - Working of Small Pellet Mill and Pellet Plant
Working of Small Pellet Mill and Pellet Plant

Many pellet mills are working to provide the best biomass pellets to their customers. If you also want to use sustainable wood pellets, you can contact dkbrænde, as they are providing eco-friendly wood pellets.

How to Make Wood Pellets?

Many countries are promoting the use of wood pellets rather than traditional fuels. The traditional fuels are costly and are not environment friendly.

These wood pellets are used extensively in cooking, heating, and many other purposes. Besides ordering the wood pellets from a pellet mill establish your pellet mill and make wood pellets on your own.

The following are some simple steps involved in the manufacturing of wood pellets:

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Receiving and Resizing of Raw Material

There are many types of raw materials use, such as wood waste, farm waste, plant material, and farm debris. Before putting the raw material into the pellet mill, check the size of the raw material. Size must be 1inch.

If the woodchips and lags are large, reduce the size with a hammer and then add them to the pellet mill. The pellet mill runs at the speed of 3000RPM – 800RPM and grinds the woodchips into pieces of 1mm.

You can make pieces of your choice with the help of a pellet mill, that’s why it is widely used by pellet-making companies.


Dry the material and then add it to the pelletizer. Before putting it into the machine, dry it in the sunlight for 24 hours. The sunlight will absorb all the moisture. In the pellet mill, high pressure is applied to reduce the size and completely mix it.

The most commonly used pelletizers are rotating die type and rotating roller type. In these rotators, different engines are used, such as electric engines, diesel engines, and gasoline engines.


In the end, you have to pack the wood pellets. If you are making it at home, try to pack them in small plastic bags as they are easy to store.

While in the small mills and big industries, larger packets are made to store wood pellets. The small mills’ packs wood pellets in those bags that are easily transportable.

Final Words

Wood pellets are used at the commercial level in the boilers and other mills to produce electricity. While in homes, the wood pellets are used to heat a room and for cooking. Put your stove in the backyard of your home and use wood pellets for cooking delicious dishes.

Collect the raw material from your home and make renewable wood pellets. These wood pellets have less amount of nitrogen and other harmful gases and are environment friendly.

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