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How to Shop for the Perfect Nursery Wall Decals

Your eyes seem to be full of dreams when you are expecting. How you would dress your baby, how you would play with him/her, and most importantly, how you would decorate the room—there is a lot to be planned and done. And if the wall decals have ever peeked into your thoughts, you are reading the right post.

image - How to Shop for the Perfect Nursery Wall Decals
How to Shop for the Perfect Nursery Wall Decals

What Are Wall Decals?

Commonly made of adhesive materials (and vinyl in some cases), wall decals are decorative items that can be mounted on flat surfaces, including walls. Unlike wall stickers, decals are repositionable.

Brands like nevernever.shop, among others, specialise in nursery wall decals that are the perfect destinations for the moms-to-be.

Wall decals can be of various types and designs. As part of your home’s interior, they are used to define or change the character of the particular space. But when looking for decals for your newborn’s little den, it’s important to be specific about a few factors.

How to Shop for the Perfect Nursery Wall Decals?

Like every other parent, you, too, want to offer an environment to your baby. That’s nothing but the best. So here’s your guide to choosing the most beautiful wall decal for your little bundle of joy:

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Make It Personalised

  • For Princesses

You might have been thinking of a light pink base with sweet polkas, a flutter of vibrant butterflies, or the classic floral—what excellent ideas!

  • For Brats

Go with the shades of blue and look for some animal patterns. Black dots on a whitish wall can also look smart. The pastel shaded rainbows in different colour schemes, and sizes are available with the best brands.

  • Suitable for All

In recent times, gender equality movements have influenced people to not differentiate between males and females in terms of colours and motifs. If you too would like your child’s nest to reflect the same thoughts, keep it neutral.

And to help you with the task, the best in the market brands, including nevernever.shop, have crafted many unisex decals. Pick from the variants of twinkling stars, lunar figures, confetti sprinkles, sweet-hearts, and more.

Measure the Size

Before selecting the design, do measure the walls correctly. Purchases made without the correct measurements can spoil the look with decals too large or too small.

Get the Scratch Resistant Decals

Confirm whether the decals have been printed using the first-rate HP Latex printers that assure scratch resistance, high durability, environment-friendly ink, and superior image quality.

Consider Safety

While most of the decals available in the market are created using harmful vinyl materials, some of the most trusted brands like nevernever.shop have launched PVC free, odourless decals that are completely safe for the newborns’ room.

Mind the Surface

Rough and uneven walls aren’t recommended for the adhesive based decals. Don’t forget, the smoother the surface, the longer the decals are going to stick on.

Hopefully, by now, you have gained a fair idea about shopping for the prettiest nursery wall decals. The good news is, you can find them online, and if lucky, you may get amazing discounts too!

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