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5 Common Myths about Home Improvement

Home improvement can be quite a tussle for homeowners. Whether they’re looking to improve their homes aesthetically, repair some damages, or on the verge of selling; there are a lot of home improvement dos and don’ts circulating on the internet. And homeowners are sometimes caught in a bubble on which ones to follow and which ones to get rid of.

5 Common Myths about Home Improvement
5 Common Myths about Home Improvement

5 Common Myths about Home Improvement

Here’s a rundown of 5 common myths about home improvement and how they’re busted by some who followed their gut instinct and didn’t get persuaded by the saga of home improvement.

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  1. Going Green is Pricey – FALSE!

This is probably one of the most talked about myths on home improvement. A lot of people think that installing solar panels or buying the best solar-powered generators will cost an arm and a leg but what people don’t know is that they actually save loads on the moolah for as long as the panel’s or generator’s lifetime!

According to prediction, the average residential bill in upstate New York will hike up by 47 percent in the year 2029. Unless you’re going to earn double in the next decade, paying twice as much in your electric bill is out of the question. The fact that all other expenses will increase in price in the next couple of years, opting to go green as early as now will save you heaps of money. Still not convinced yet? Here are the benefits of getting the best solar-powered generators or panels:

Utility companies are offering a net metering program which means if you produce more electricity than you can use, the excess electricity doesn’t go waste. You can get the credit of the equivalent value for the unused electricity.

Another myth everyone’s talking about is that solar installations produce less electricity. This is so not true! It yields 10 to 20 times electricity and these installations last over 25 years!

And the icing on the cake is – solar installations will increase value to your home for the next buyer! So you’re not only saving on the electric bill but you’re also putting up a lifetime of investment when the need for selling your home comes!

  1. Wallpaper is Great on Anything – FALSE!

While others may think that wallpapering their walls is a brilliant idea, think again. Wallpapers may not work everywhere. If not properly installed, your wallpaper could be an eyesore to look at! And the weather is one factor you should consider. Humidity can wreak havoc on your wallpaper because of the moisture that accumulates behind it.

Water leaks are not only a major problem in plumbing but also in your wallpapers! They cause the wallpapers to peel away from the wall. Lastly, the installation can be as bad as the previously mentioned causes. So if you’re going to do it, then at least do it right.

  1. Repairing Wall Cracks is Expensive – FALSE!

Cracks are definitely not a sight for sore eyes! The common mentality homeowners have about cracks on the walls is that the house is probably going to crumble down because of a structural issue, hence, the ugly cracks. But this is usually not the case. There are two types of wall cracks – structural damage cracks and hairline cracks.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of crack is bothering the heck out of you. A structural crack which is more than 1.5 inches wide is a more serious case which a professional should handle. If you feel like you’ve put all your blood, sweat and tears into fixing it but to no avail, then it’s time to call the experts! Hairline cracks, on the other hand, are common and inevitable in most homes and are caused by several reasons such as; contraction and expansion, low-quality paint, not letting cement plaster dry completely, or poor paint job.

You can even take matters into your own hands for the latter. Just clean the crack from loose concrete, paint, or debris. Fill the entire crack with a solution. Then even out the surface with a scraper before letting it completely dry overnight. Next is to sand the surface until it’s smooth as silk then apply paint! Voila, myth busted!

  1. Follow the Trend – FALSE!

As the saying goes, “Keep up with the trend”, this mostly only works on business. Installing the latest design trends in your home boils down to two things – lifestyle and environment. Imagine installing a cutting-edge heater (because the ads said so) in your room even though you’re living in a tropical country! Not the smartest idea in my book!

While the sound of installing the latest trends may seem like the best thing to do, there are a couple of reasons you should weigh before joining the bandwagon and one is – TRENDS DON’T LAST! What’s trendy now won’t probably be trendy tomorrow.

And yes, the hype is real. But don’t let it fool you. Design your home according to your own personality, lifestyle, and budget. The great thing about it is you’ll definitely stand out among all the other homes with the “latest trends”!

  1. White Walls will Add More Value – FALSE!

This is a common misconception by homeowners wanting to sell their homes at a better price. White does make the space larger but an appealing dash of color will definitely help sell your home. Let’s face it, white does look boring. Here are a few color ideas for the different parts of your home which are proven to help sell your home.

Paint your kitchen with a light blue to soft gray-blue color, this adds a $1,000 value when selling. In terms of bathrooms, you want a cozy feel to it; powder blue can bring in $5,000 or more on average. But blue doesn’t work anywhere, especially in the living room. Opt for a light beige or pale taupe for better lighting in this area.

So myths are here to guide us and to help us make better and smarter decisions when home improvement is underway. There’s a saying, “Different strokes for different folks”, it simply means people are different and want different things. Design your home in a way that reflects your personality and lifestyle. But if you really want to cut down on home expenses, I’d say to go green, PRONTO!

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