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Choosing the Perfect In Home Design Consultant

Are you looking to build a new home from the ground up? Or perhaps you’re planning to update your house to meet your changing requirements? Then you need to take your home’s interior design seriously.

But interior design is a world full of complexities that require a home design consultant to simplify things.

Not only does a home design consultant make your home more appealing, but he can also help save you money on renovations. In turn, the value of your home goes up.

image - Choosing the Perfect In Home Design Consultant
Choosing the Perfect In Home Design Consultant

But how exactly do you pick the perfect home design consultant for your property? What are the key factors to consider before hiring one?

Continue reading below for the answers.

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  1. Find the Inspiration

One of the simplest ways to find a home design consultant is to look for design inspiration from different sources. For starters, you can look at online interior design magazines for inspiration. From there, you will have access to various designs and the designers behind them.

The good thing about home design online sources is that they offer a myriad of options to choose from. You can refine your search according to the spaces that you wish to redesign. Some of the best sites to check out include ElleDecor and Houzz.

And if you want to go the old-school route, you can check out some home design magazines for inspiration. Look for copies of Metropolitan Home or Southern Living from the past six months or so. And once you see a great output, try to connect with the design consultant.

  1. Talk to More than One

When talking to a home design consultant, don’t talk to just one. Expand your options by interviewing at least three from your area. You want to compare the proposals of each consultant and see which one best suits your plans for the house.

Keep in mind that this whole design conundrum is a visual matter. This means you need to examine the design proposals of each consultant you will talk to. Doing so will help you save time since you will know which designer aligns with your ideas.

Your goal is to request for their portfolio. Study their proposals and determine which one you think can turn your ideas into reality.

  1. Ask for Their Connections

Another important step in finding the right home design consultant is to look into their connections. Ideally, you want to hire someone who has a long history of deals. This equates to having a long list of connections.

Through these connections, the consultant can point you to resources that offer great deals and discounts. They can also refer you to reputable contractors who can work on the designs to perfection.

And if you have an odd idea like a unique stair landing that only a few builders can pull off, a seasoned design consultant may know someone who can build one to the smallest detail.

  1. Mind Your Budget

During the interview, you want to talk to the design consultants about your budget. This is one of the most crucial parts of in home design consultation. It is your budget that will dictate the parameters and limitations of the designs.

Furthermore, your design consultant will likely not have your budget in mind. Instead, he will focus on your ideas and how he can make a masterpiece of a design out of them.

Hence, find a design consultant who can work with your ideas within your budget. Keep in mind that there is always room for tweaking the designs while staying faithful to your ideas.

A good consultant will give ideas on which aspects to change so you don’t risk breaking the bank.

On average, Americans spend $6,513 when hiring an interior designer. The amount may go up or down depending on key factors. These factors include your home’s square footage and the charges for their services.

  1. Reviews and Referrals Count

Part of your research and due diligence is reading the reviews coming from past clients. Go to the consultant’s site and check if there’s a review section. Take note of what previous clients say about his work.

Keep watch of anything negative they say about the consultant’s work ethic. Does he deliver on time? Is the professional when dealing with his clients?

Also, consider asking some of your trusted friends for referrals. Talk to your relatives or colleagues who hired a design consultant for their house. Ask if they can recommend their consultant or not.

What you want to know is their experience in dealing with their design consultant. If they are happy with their services, then they will likely recommend them to you.

  1. Don’t Neglect Your Preferences

Though it is the job of the consultant to give you design suggestions, it is never a reason to abandon your personal design preferences. Your designer will have his preferences, which he will likely impose on you.

Hence, never bypass your design taste. Always remember that they are designed for you and not for themselves. Hence, make sure to discuss with your prospective consultant what you truly love to see in your home.

Show him examples of what you want your home’s interior to look like. Tell him about the colors that you want to see. Do the same thing for the specific fabrics and materials you want to incorporate.

  1. Find the Best for Less

Last but not least, never equate the cost of the consultants’ services to their talents. Even if a design consultant claims to be the best in town, you may find someone who can do the same or even better for less.

In the same manner, don’t always go for the cheapest option available. You need to strike a balance between costing and quality output.

Go Beyond Hiring a Home Design Consultant

By choosing the perfect home design consultant, transforming your home ideas into reality becomes easier. You will also save a lot of time and spend only on what works best for your home. But hiring a consultant is only one way of increasing your home’s aesthetic and resale value.

We invite you to check our other blog posts on home improvement. We provide tips and discuss important topics that will make your home a sight to behold.

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