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AC Installation: How to Prepare for Your New Unit

How often have you come inside after a day in the heat and blasted the AC? Probably too many times to count.

Your air conditioner is one of the top appliances that provide relief when you need it. After a few minutes indoors, you’ll start to cool off in no time.

image - AC Installation How to Prepare for Your New Unit
AC Installation How to Prepare for Your New Unit

But what happens when you turn the AC on and it isn’t cooling as usual? There’s no way you can face the hot summer without it.

If that’s the case, you might be considering a new AC installation for your home. Is there anything that needs to be done beforehand? We’ll provide insight on how you can get ready for this project.

Compare Replacement Costs

One of the first things you’ll want to do before you install an AC is to compare replacement cost estimates. Try to get a quote from at least three to four services before deciding.

Some AC installers will do free callouts to measure your system’s capacity. It’ll give you a better idea of your home’s cooling needs and the right size unit for your home.

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Find a Reputable Contractor

When it comes to AC unit installation, you’ll want to find a reputable contractor. Too often, people fall into choosing a service because of how cheap their prices seem.

However, cheaper isn’t always better and poor installation can lead to costly repairs. Instead, here are some things you should ask for before choosing a contractor:

  • Updated HVAC license and insurance
  • A complete estimate of the repair costs per part
  • References from past clients

By doing this, you’ll have an easier time figuring out which service has your best interest at heart. If you live in warmer climates and need a reputable service right away, follow the link provided to get more info.

Consider Replacing the Entire System

When an HVAC contractor comes to your home, they’ll recommend what needs replacing. Sometimes it might be one part of your system causing the issues.

However, other situations may lead to entire system replacement. While replacing the system might be more expensive, it’ll save you from inefficient cooling and costly repairs in the future.

Preparing Your Home

Licensed contractors take care of the bulk work. But you can also help streamline the central AC installation process by doing small tasks, like changing the filter.

The filter protects your home’s indoor air quality by capturing dust and other particles. You can ensure your home has clean airflow once the new unit gets installed by changing the filter.

Here’s How You Get Ready for Your New AC Installation

As you can see, a few factors go into prepping your home for AC installation. Consider the suggestions above before you take the next step. Then your home will have efficient cooling capacity throughout those hot summer days.

We hope you’ve learned a few tips from this article. For more ways to enhance your home, check out our blog for related content.