Did you know that 75% of houses in the U.S. have AC? The AC units in these homes use up to 6% of the electricity produced in the country.

Homeowners with air conditioning units pay a total of $29 billion in utility bills.

Is your AC not working? Keep up with maintenance to avoid high costs. Check out this list of the most common issues and quick solutions to get your AC working again.

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AC Not Working Here’s What to Do

What to Do When Your AC Isn’t Cooling

An air conditioning system that isn’t blowing cool air can have all kinds of different issues. A simple solution might be to open the vents and properly set the thermostat.

If this doesn’t help, you can check to see if you’ve got a dirty filter. A dirty filter will block cool air from flowing out.

Clean or replace your filter, and you should start feeling cold air in no time.

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When Your Unit Doesn’t Want to Turn on

One day your AC might stop turning on. This could be solved in a few different ways.

Power issues might be to blame in this situation. You should ensure that you’re not dealing with a faulty breaker. If you are, getting it fixed will fix your AC issues.

If there’s nothing wrong with your breaker box, you might need to schedule AC repair. Look for the best HVAC repair company that can help you determine why your AC stopped turning on.

How to Fix Issues with Your Thermostat

Other AC problems might be related to your thermostat and have nothing to do with your AC unit.

If the screen on your thermostat is blank and your AC isn’t turning on, you need to switch out the batteries, and that should resolve everything.

Make sure your thermostat is set to the correct setting, so it doesn’t accidentally start blowing warm air in the middle of summer.

How to Fix Leaks

If you notice a leak around your AC unit inside, you should turn it off right away. A clog in your condensate drain line might be causing the water to spill out.

You can clean up the water yourself, but you’ll have to schedule AC maintenance with a technician if your condensate pump needs repairing.

What to Do About Dirty Air Ducts

Other AC issues that can come up are dirty air ducts. This can prevent cool air from circulating throughout your home and raise your energy bills.

If you notice these issues in your home, you’ll have to get your air ducts examined by a technician and get them cleaned or repaired.

AC Not Working? Check Out This List of Solutions

Is your AC not working? Many issues can occur, but this list provides some solutions to help keep your AC unit working properly.

Changing the filter can help when you’re not feeling cool air. Calling an HVAC repair technician is best when your AC isn’t turning on.

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