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Amazing Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

There is nothing more like a well-decorated place to add a pleasureful aesthetic to your house. It is amazing on two levels, artistic and practical. In other words, you cannot ignore the beauty that indoor plants provide to the sanctity of your home.

Having greenery inside your house adds beauty as well as it keeps the air inside the house clean and fresh. Plants contribute to adding colour, life, and shape to any room inside your house. They also provide a certain versatility and are a great thing to have inside your home.

For the most part, interior designing is just what it says it is. It’s a way of creating any space inside your house that provides a certain aspect of beauty inside your house. Besides only providing beauty to your house, plants also help in cleaning out the air from toxins and pollutants, so it is a win-win situation for you in every case.

image - Amazing Indoor Plant Decor Ideas
Amazing Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

There are many ways you can implement plants inside your house. Ranging from an indoor plant wall to a simple pot on your dinner table, plants add a certain beauty. It is not about finding any type of plants and placing it inside your room, and it is all about placing them in such a way that it adds value to the design of your house.

Today we are going to look at some amazing plant décor ideas that will help you in maximizing the overall beauty of your house. Visit this site to find many choices of landscape fabric weed control.

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Indoor Herb Garden

It is a good idea to have an indoor garden, preferably inside your kitchen. It adds beauty to not only your kitchen but also the functionality. You can grow herbs inside small pots and place them on your windows.

Whenever you want to use some herbs, instead of going to the market, you can just pick them out from the pots. This is a great idea for small-sized kitchens or when you want to save some valuable space on your worktop space.

Accumulate Plants

I know its stupid, but a single plant will often look sad on its own. Try to create volume by placing several plant pots to create a subtle cabinet effect. Mix plants and pots of different sizes to create an ascending or descending effect to show off your creativity.

Don’t be shy to add green to your life and inside your house. Going green is beneficial for your health and also helps in beautifying your house.

Customize Pots

It is a simple thing to do and adds colour inside your room. You can choose different designs and types of pots to match the overall décor of your house. Go for ceramic pots or mud pots that are handmade as they add a certain rustic effect.

You can also get plain pots and colour them yourself. This way, you can have customizability and can let your creative juices to flow through the paint. Painting your pots shows that you are dedicated to getting up and doing things on your own, instead of relying on others to do them for you.

Use a Bench or Shelf

A bench could serve as a great place to accommodate different types of plants. You could line up different sized pots on a bench and surround them with small bushes to add beauty to your house.

Using a shelf is the same as using a bench in many ways, but instead of plants laying on the ground, they are placed high up. On a shelf, the plants shouldn’t be too large as it will crowd the area.

Go for small bushes and small pots, preferably around 4-6 inch pots, to avoid this from happening. If you plan to place them on a kitchen shelf, you should consider opting for aromatic plants, to counter the smell of food cooking.

Display Plants on a Wire Rack

Place a wire rack against a wall and decorate it with bushes and plants. A wire rack acts as a great way of displaying bushes and plants and creates an eye-catching focal point within the room.

To have a great look through this method, try to add colourful, mismatching and bright-toned bushes and plant pots. Color the pots if you have too.  You can also add artificial plants, which are available in every type of colour and size.

Indoor Greenhouse

Having a small indoor greenhouse is a great way of showing off greenery inside your house. According to a study done by the world health organization, 4.6 million people lose their lives due to air pollution-related diseases.

Adding plants to any household has been a staple for centuries and will continue to be in the foreseeable future. A small 10 feet glass-enclosed greenhouse is a great place to start. You can add small pieces of different coloured pots inside it.

You can also add a small greenhouse maintaining plant inside it to make sure that the plants stay healthy. Or you can either get artificial plants to avoid this kind of a hassle.

Plant Stand

One of the easiest ways to display plants inside your house is to get a small contemporary plant stand. Not only does a plant stand let you experiment with the positioning of the plants, but, it also prevents a space from appearing cluttered and messy if you have decided to add a large number of plants inside your house.

You can buy plant stands from any plant market, or you can go online and have one delivered to your home. You can go one step further by making a plant stand by yourself at home. All you need is a ladder and some high-quality paint and some painting skills, and you will be done.

Indoor Plant Wall

Having an indoor plant wall is a great idea of showcasing greenery inside your house. You could install one where you could put in pots on it, or you could go for a wall that is full of bushes and shrubs.

If you go for the latter, consider getting artificial bushes as natural ones attract a lot of pests like house flies. Artificial plants are also easy to maintain and just require weekly dusting.


We all love having plants in our home as they not only add to the beauty of your home but also keep the environment clean and healthy. Whether you live in a studio apartment, where there is limited space or a house in the suburbs, there is an option for everybody out in the market.

Look for something that suits your requirements and matches the décor of your house and hopefully, you will be able to add a certain aspect of greenery that is lacking inside your house. Today we have made you aware of some amazing idea on how you can incorporate greenery inside your house.

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