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3 Basic Art Supplies Every Beginner Must Invest In

Sydney is one of the most dynamic and multicultural cities in Australia. The state capital of New South Wales is home to almost 5.3 million people with different roots and ancestry, which makes the city’s cultural life more vibrant and lively.

The residents’ backgrounds are used as their inspiration for their art. Some concentrate on their performing arts. Others choose to express their creativity through visual representations.

They usually showcase their art masterpieces in some of the popular museums in the city, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Artspace Sydney, CarriageWorks, and the White Rabbit Gallery.

The masterpieces showcased by some of the top visual artists in the city also serve as inspirations to those who are starting to display their creative side.

These budding artists flock to the city’s art galleries and attend visual arts festivals like the Art Month Sydney every March. They use these opportunities to learn more about the arts or to start a possible career as an artist.

If you are one of those who aspire to become an artist through paintings, you need to know the right tools and find the best art supplies in Sydney to hone your craft.

image - 3 Basic Art Supplies Every Beginner Must Invest In
3 Basic Art Supplies Every Beginner Must Invest In

Here are some of the essential art supplies every beginner needs to invest in to create your masterpiece.

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Drawing and Painting Pad

All up-and-coming artists need a reliable pad, especially if they are still learning to draw. Whether you intend to join a drawing class or plan to find your drawing style on your own, you must always have a good drawing pad on hand all the time.

Once you already decide to move on from your sketches, you will need to have a bunch of heavy paper stock where you can practice painting. You need to find the right type of paper stock for the kind of medium that you intend to use.

If you want to explore watercolors, you must get a set of pre-stretched pads for your convenience. You may also look for a mixed media pad if you want to explore different options.


You will never have enough paintbrushes if you are still starting to know your style in painting. But you do not need to get all the right kinds of brushes in the market since it can be a very expensive idea.

If you want to use acrylic paints, you need at least a size 6 filbert brush for general painting and to make some of the general details smooth on paper. You must also invest in a 1-inch flat wash brush for the backgrounds and one small liner brush to put finer details.

For watercolor paintings, a 3/4 inch medium or large flat brush could be great for the washers, while a size 8, 10, or 14 round brush is ideal for general watercolor painting strokes.


It can be tempting to purchase every paint color that you will see in the shops selling art supplies in Sydney. But it may only go to waste if you will not use some of the shades regularly.

If you can only invest in a few colors, you can select paint tubes like phthalo green, phthalo blue, cadmium red, gamboge yellow, burnt umber, and alizarin crimson. You may mix these hues to create new colors.

Investing in art supplies may require you to shell out a significant amount of money. But if you will only invest in the basics, you do not have to put a huge dent in your pocket while learning about your creative site.

You can experiment with your artistic skills using these supplies so you can save up more money once you become ready to take your craft on a more serious level.