Although a complete bathroom renovation can be quite a costly process, there are many budget-friendly solutions that will effectively spruce and freshen up a dated or tired space.

There are many different economical ways to breathe new life into your existing bathroom from repainting your cabinetry, resurfacing the benchtop, replacing mirrors and dated shower screens to updating accessories, bathroom tiles, and more for a whole new look!

image - Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

Replace Dated Mirrors and Shower Screens

When a bathroom’s mirrors or shower screens appear dated and worn, replacing these items can have a dramatic effect in sprucing up space while also allowing you the flexibility to create an entirely different look or style in your bathroom with your choice of glass.

Caption: Include a wall-hanging mirror in your bathroom for a fresh new look that will also assist in brightening up a dark space.

A decorative wall-hung mirror will also provide the perfect contrast to any feature wall tiles included in the space, creating a bold and dramatic touch!

Old and worn shower screens can be replaced with new glass for a clean, modern look. If space allows, you can also request that your new screen is larger than your existing screen to create a larger shower enclosure, instantly adding value to your bathroom while creating a more user-friendly and comfortable experience.

If you want to enhance the bathroom’s dimensions, you may also opt to replace textured or frosted glass shower screens with a modern clear option; clear glass allows for an unobstructed view through space which will make the room appear larger and allow light to travel through the room.

Retiling an Existing Bathroom

Retiling an existing bathroom will completely transform the room while providing the added benefit of allowing you the option to personalize your new look with color, texture, or pattern.

In most cases, your Tiler can remove the existing tiles, prepare the areas to be tiled and apply new bathroom tiles.

This solution may also provide an excellent opportunity to ensure waterproofing of the space is adequate (a common concern in older properties that would greatly benefit from this step!).

Although completely replacing your bathroom’s existing tiles can be quite the process, the end result is incredibly rewarding and will add considerable value to the home, especially in comparison to tile resurfacing or painting kits which can easily wear or scratch off over time.

Retiling an Existing Bathroom

Caption: Retiling your existing bathroom will transform the space with a whole new look while also allowing you the freedom to experiment with a variety of trending colors or materials such as terrazzo tiles and even concrete tile options.

Replacing Showerheads and Tapware

Most showerheads and bathroom tapware can be easily switched with new fittings without the need to cut into your walls.

Replacing your bathroom fittings is an excellent way to spruce up your existing bathroom for a budget renovation, instantly creating a new look while also taking advantage of the modern shower and tapware systems.

If you are replacing your bathroom’s fittings with a different color theme such as the trending options of matte black or brushed brass, for example, you may also want to consider replacing your towel rails and other accessories such as robe hooks and soap dishes with matching metallic finishes to ensure a consistent and intentional look throughout your new bathroom.

Replacing Showerheads and Tapware

Caption: Matte black bathroom fittings create a bold and modern statement in the bathroom, offering an excellent alternative option to traditional chrome fittings. The bold black also provides the perfect contrast to your wall tiles making for a high-impact look.

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Cosmetic Bathroom Updates

An excellent way to freshen up an existing bathroom on a budget is to re-finish your bathroom cabinetry.

Replacing cabinetry handles, painting the existing unit, or resurfacing the vanity top will create a whole new look in the bathroom and can be completed as a simple DIY project using specially made bathroom resurfacing kits for the perfect finish.

Start off by confirming what type of material has been used on your existing bathroom cabinetry: is it a laminate, a two-pack paint, a standard paint, or a timber finish? Each finish or material will require different methods of preparation before painting over and will also require different specific paints.

Your local paint and hardware store will be able to steer you in the right direction to find the most suitable products for refinishing your bathroom cabinets.

Next, if you are replacing your cabinetry handles, ensure you note down the measurement between the drill holes of the handles to ensure your new selections will fit into the same measurements.

With this information in hand, visit your local paint and hardware store for a set of new handles and paints to resurface your cabinets.

Redecorate with Bathroom Accessories & Lighting

Finally, updating your bathroom’s accessories and lighting will add that finishing touch to your newly spruced-up interior.

Pendant lights can be easily swapped out for new styles, and dated forms of lighting can be swapped around for more modern and sustainable systems that will also be more economical to run.

Other bathroom accessories to consider in your newly updated space include benchtop necessities such as tumblers or trays while your existing bathroom storage can also be updated with organizers, bath caddies, and more.

Towels and bath mats can also be updated to provide both comforts as well as style while artwork may also be included in the space to add a touch of color to your bathroom’s interior.

Each of these solutions and ideas will help you create a fresh and stylish new look in your home at a fraction of the cost of a complete bathroom renovation! Freshening up your existing bathroom in place of committing to a full-scale renovation can easily breathe new life into a tired or dated room.

It is important to keep in mind that although most of the bathroom updates recommended can easily be completed by the homeowner, a licensed electrician and plumber should always be consulted when making any changes to your bathroom’s electrical or plumbing fixtures for safety and peace of mind.