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The Minimum Starting Price for Bathroom Renovations

Few interior home improvement projects bear greater importance than bathroom renovations. These undertakings often produce significant benefits to homeowners such as additional creature comforts, energy efficiency, enhanced aesthetic appeal, and increased home value.

image - The Minimum Starting Price for Bathroom Renovations
The Minimum Starting Price for Bathroom Renovations

That said, these endeavours are often costly. Solid Solutions Renovations request current and future customers to continue reading on to learn the minimum starting prices of bathroom updates, in addition to the factors that play into influencing these expenses.

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General Considerations

Identifying an exact starting price for bathroom renovations is difficult.

Numerous issues influence said costs such as the project’s size, the specific refurbishments to be performed, how labour intensive the effort will be, if the services of specially skilled professionals will be required, the materials to be employed, and any unexpected complexities.

That said, minor, less time-consuming, potential do-it-yourself endeavours like quick paint jobs or the changing of lighting fixtures will not typically prove costly. However, moderate to major upgrades will typically run in the thousands to possibly tens of thousands of dollars.

Factors Influencing Bathroom Renovation Expenses

Electrical Work

Certain projects necessitate actions such as the rearranging of lights and the installation of additional power sources. An experienced and licensed electrician must perform such work. Repositioned fixtures or new electrical outlets must be properly wired and meet specific building and safety codes.

Electrical work may significantly increase total renovation expenses for several reasons. First, the skill and precision associated with this type of work enable electricians to charge handsomely for their services.

Moreover, since electrical wiring is typically behind walls, rerouting said circuits might necessitate the opening or removing of walls or ceilings.

Performing this task is added labour, which will elevate costs. Furthermore, knocked down structures will need to be replaced once the pertinent electrical work is completed necessitating additional labour and materials.

Plumbing Work

Many moderate to major bathroom makeovers involve installing or repositioning water processing apparatuses like toilets, showers, and sinks.

These undertakings require the services of plumbing contractors. Said professionals possess the skills and tools to perform tasks such as rearranging and refitting pipes to correspond with newly positioned fixtures.

Like electricians, plumbers perform a highly specialized skill most said professionals charge customers accordingly to perform.

Moreover, the refitting of pipes and the repositioning or installation of sinks, toilets and showers might necessitate the tearing down and rebuilding of walls and flooring.


Changing the existing flooring design is often part of many bathroom overhauls. Floors can be composed of several different materials.

Commonly employed products include wood, ceramic tiling, vinyl, and laminate. Said materials vary widely in terms of cost and the intensity of the labour needed to install them.


The scope of the intended layout alterations will exercise a major influence over final renovation expenses.

Significant amendments to the original design blueprint, such as repositioning baths, sinks, toilets, or even large spaces like closets, will necessitate the involvement of plumbers and electricians and place additional labour demands on building contractors.

Said professionals will spend appreciable amounts of time removing existing structures to accommodate adherence to the new designs.


Cabinetry quality often has a major impact on bathroom revamping efforts. Homeowners often have many options to choose from addressing this necessity. For certain individuals, large mass-manufactured storage spaces offered by large retail chains might suffice.

However, individuals desiring a more fancy, personalized look might choose from creations found in showrooms or retain a custom designer’s services. Personalized work will obviously cost more money.

Luxurious Amenities

These days, many homeowners desiring bathroom restorations wish to include various amenities geared towards creating a more luxurious experience. Common items include adjustable shower heads, saunas, and whirlpool baths.

Those truly seeking serious opulence might opt to install heated floors, towel warmers and even mini-bars. Naturally, a greater amount of splendours will equate to a more expensive final bill.

image - Bathroom renovation
Bathroom renovation

The Importance of Budgeting

Unfortunately, most homeowners are not independently wealthy enough to afford an expensive kitchen renovation on a whim. For most people, accumulating the funds necessary to complete such undertakings take years of careful planning and budgeting.

Therefore, homeowners are firmly urged to create a specific plan, obtain cost estimates from all pertinent building, plumbing, and electrical contractors and plan to save an additional 10 to 20 per cent more than said appraisals to account for any potential delays or unexpected snags.

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