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Bee Propolis: What it is and Why You Should Include it in Your Immune System Booster Kit

Bees are instrumental for your survival. They pollinate the majority of crops that people convert into food, such as strawberries, coffee, apples, and cucumbers. Pollination also benefits farm animals like cows because of how it influences the higher production of milk and other dairy products.

Bees also produce a substance called bee propolis. Otherwise called “bee glue,” the material is a combination of beeswax, exudate (extracts collected from botanical plants and tree buds), and bee saliva.

Bee propolis is not known to many. The truth is it consists of a highly potent and healthful material. As of writing, health experts continue to study and learn more about the benefits of this substance.

While you sit and stay comfortably at home and do your part in curbing the coronavirus spread, why not read on and discover the benefits that bee propolis contributes to your overall wellness?

image - Bee Propolis: What it is and Why You Should Include it in Your Immune System Booster Kit
Bee Propolis: What it is and Why You Should Include it in Your Immune System Booster Kit

The discovery and use of bee propolis were dated centuries ago. During ancient times, it was used to prevent wound infection.

Some women used the substance as part of their daily beauty regimen, while Ancient Egyptians used it for relieving skin irritations and infections as well as for embalming the dead.

The health benefits of the resinous propolis are used for the following:

Boosting Immunity

Taking in bee propolis into the system is said to help reduce the formation of a fungus called Candida albicans.

The fungus is notorious for causing infection in the oral cavity as well as in the genitalia. Propolis likewise reinforces the body’s antibacterial and antiviral responses to disease-causing germs.

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Reducing Skin Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory effects of propolis continue to benefit humans to this day. It is safe to apply on skin irritations like insect bites, acne, and rashes. It is also used to soothe minor burns and alleviate symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

Promoting Better Dental Health

The resin-based extract from bees curbs the growth of viruses and bacteria known to cause common oral health problems. These oral health problems include gingivitis, mouth ulcer, periodontosis, halitosis, and the formation of plaque.

You can try washing your mouth and gargling with a mixture of propolis extract and water if you have a sore throat.

It will also help to drop by this dentist in encino regularly for check-ups to maintain your oral health.

Reinforcing the Production of More Neural Pathways

Bee propolis fights off free radicals, which in turn helps the brain create more neural pathways. Neural pathways are essential in maintaining good memory and reinforcing fundamental cognitive skills.

Stimulating Improved Blood Circulation in the Body

The highly potent propolis benefits the circulatory system. It provides stronger protection against the possible development of heart conditions such as stroke and heart attack. It speeds up the flow of blood to all the vital organs in the body.

Inhibiting the Development of Cancer Cells

There have been numerous studies undergone, supporting the influence of propolis in reducing a person’s risk of developing cancer cells.

Although further studies and researchers are still needed, a recent examination in 2016 found that the substance acts as a shield for cancer patients; consequently, protecting them from damage caused by radiation exposure.

At present, bee propolis is sold to the public either as an elixir or a form of a supplement. There are also toothpaste variants infused with the nourishing extract produced by bees.

It is not surprising if several other health benefits and consumable products are discovered and developed based on the medicinal properties of propolis.