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The Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing

Nothing beats the refreshment that comes as a result of taking a bubble bath in your bathtub. However, after some years of service, there is a day you will not stand the look of your bathtub.

This is when it accumulates stains, cracks, and scratches. However, if your wall among other things in your house can get repaired, why not your bathtub? Below are the benefits of bathtub refinishing.

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The Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing –  Credit: original photo – license

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  1. Save Money

It is a rule of thumb that a repair is cheaper than a replacement. Therefore, if your bathtub looks old and ugly, you can always undertake a facelift through bathtub refinishing.

This will give your bathtub more time to serve you which saves you money. Imagine every time your bathtub developed cracks, stains or even slight scratches you had to replace it.

Replacing a bathtub is expensive as it requires that you purchase a new bathtub, pay for labor charges for replacement, and also get rid of the old one.

However, bathtub refinishing involves far much less and you still get the same purpose a new bathtub would serve.

  1. Gives the Bathtub New Life

We can all agree on the fact that no one wants to take a shower in a stained, scratched or cracked bathtub. Just because your bathtub is in a bad condition does not mean you have to get rid of it.

Here is where bathtub refinishing comes in. you can always call a bathtub professional to help you give your bathtub a new life.

Do you remember there is a time you were stuck with either a piece of clothing or a toy that you had outgrown? Unluckily, not all things have a second chance at restoration; you had to part with the item.

Lucky for you a bathtub is not one of the items you will have to part with because of cracks and stains.

Bathtub refinishing can restore a filthy looking bathtub to a brand new look. This is interesting as you get to keep your bathtub.

  1. It is an Eco-friendly Approach

Most people across the world are thinking of going green. One of the major factors of achieving the goal of going green is to reuse and recycle. In case you have a bathtub that is no longer appealing, you don’t have to create a carbon footprint in the environment.

Instead of installing a new bathtub and consequently disposing of the old one, you can simply give new life to the bathtub by refinishing.

Did you know that a refinished bathtub can last years? If half of the people who want to replace their bathtubs opt for bathtub refinishing, landfills will take time to fill as bathtub refinishing ensures fewer bathtubs are replaced. This, in turn, protects the environment by reducing waste dumped into the environment.

  1. Gives Glamour and Ambience to the Bathroom

Having a stained and ugly looking bathtub ruins the outlook of your bathroom. You can always opt for bathtub refinishing to give your bathroom a new look and feel.

Bathtub refinishing allows you to change the color of the bathtub to any color of choice.

Therefore, during the refinishing, you can always choose a different color to give your bathroom a unique glamour and ambiance that sets a different mood.

The aesthetic improvement realized is amazing because it creates the impression that you have made new fixtures in the bathroom when the only thing that has changed is the look and feel of the bathtub.

  1. Takes Less Time

Modern technology has led to advancements in the methods and techniques used in bathtub resurfacing. At the moment you can undertake bathtub refinishing within a short period.

Despite the short period taken to transform the bathtub, the effects are durable. There are new paints that dry really fast and as a result, the bathtub can be used after a few hours of refinishing.

Unlike bathtub replacement which requires installation and removal of the old tub, refinishing only deals with one bathtub. This saves time that would have been wasted in getting and installing a new bathtub.


There is no need to replace a bathtub right away. Bathtub refinishing gives new life to bathtubs providing benefits such as saving cost, extending the life of a bathtub, protecting the environment by reducing waste, providing color and glamour to the bathroom and saving on time.

In case you are in Charlotte or the surrounding areas and you have a bathtub that needs refinishing, you can always get expertise from Renov8co.com.

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