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The Many Benefits of Solar Street Lights: An Infographic

Many people are aware that solar energy is one of the most abundant and renewable sources of energy today. Why not use the power of the sun instead of releasing harmful pollution into the air to power our devices? If we had a solar array installed in just 2 percent of the Sahara desert, that would meet the entire world’s energy needs!

Unfortunately, the possibility of generating such a solar array is in the distant future, but there are smaller, more possible steps we can take today. Truth be told, there’s one avenue of altering our energy usage that could dramatically reduce the overall carbon footprint and improve worldwide living conditions for all: the secret is in solar street lights.

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Solar Street Lights: Modern Marvels of Illumination

These lights combine pleasing aesthetics, highly-efficient LED fixtures, sophisticated photovoltaic technology, deep-cycle gel acid batteries, and advanced timing controllers to provide light between sundown to sunup. They use the finest quality monocrystalline silicon panels to grab the best efficiency on the market today.

And what’s best about these modern marvels is that they save businesses and municipalities several thousands of dollars over time—and sometimes on day 1 of installation! Why? Because these lights don’t draw from the energy grid and don’t need trenching for installation. Take a gander below at our infographic to see the benefits of solar street lights!

image - The Many Benefits of Solar Street Lights - An Infographic

These lights have a wide range of applications—airports, construction, parking lots, pathways, roadways, parks—the places you can install them are virtually endless because of their versatility. Greenshine New Energy is a solar street light company located in Lake Forest, California.

The corporation has over 30 years under its belt in manufacturing lights that operate purely on solar. If you’re interested in finding out how solar can save your business or city significant sums of money, drop us a line or check out our website at https://www.streetlights-solar.com. Investing in solar street lights is a really “bright” idea!

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