Gone are the days when you hired labor to first prepare concrete and then pour it at a site. This era is all about concrete pumping.

It is a method by which you can directly pour concrete at the desired site. It is done with the help of different concrete pumps.

image - Best Concrete Pumping Methods for a Safe Concrete Pour

Best Concrete Pumping Methods for a Safe Concrete Pour

You can choose different concrete pumps based on the requirement of your project.

However, if you are wondering which type of tool is best for your project? Well! Don’t worry! The article discusses various types of pumping methods and their potential uses.

Explore the insights of the article to know about these methods and find their uses. Choose the method whose benefits match your requirements.

The Basic Principle of Pumping Method

For any of the concrete pumping methods, you need a concrete pump. The basic requirement for any pumping method is a tool that uses a two-cylinder hydraulic pump.

It works by the principle of one piston for drawing the concrete from the hopper that is the concrete source while the other piston pushes it into the discharge outlet pipe.

Type of Concrete Pumping Methods

Based on the amount of pressure, ease of working, and developing technologies, there are different concrete pumping methods. However, the main classification includes the following:

Boom Concrete Pumping

This pumping method uses boom concrete pumps that stand at one place for the entire time of concrete pumping.

You can also call these pumps stationary pumps. They have a large dimension and hence this pumping method can pour a large amount of concrete at a time.

You can also extend pumping to different lengths by attaching a crane or boom arm of different lengths to the pump.

The great advantage of this boom concrete pumping is that you can use it efficiently for the construction of large buildings, roads, bridges, and, alike.

You can also attach it to the truck and enjoy mobility. It is also the best choice for concrete pouring at several altitudes, where there is a limited area for the task.

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Line Concrete Pumping

This pumping method uses line concrete pumps that are relatively very compact than boom pumps.

Line concrete pumping is mainly beneficial for small construction projects. You can also attach the line pump to the back of the truck or the trailer.

Hence, you can move it anywhere at the site of construction without much restriction.

The great advantage of line concrete pumping is that you can use it efficiently for the construction of smaller residential construction projects such as building a swimming pool or repaving a driveway.

Also, it is easy and you can use it conveniently.


The concrete pumping method is one of the fastest ways to pour concrete on sites that will consume a lot of your time.

The above article discusses the basic principle, the types, and the selection of various concrete pumping methods.

Prefer the one that suits your job. You can also connect to us at http://www.concretepumpingmelbourne.com/ for any expert guidance.