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5 Best Kitchen Storage Ideas to Improve Storage Space

Do you need to maximize your space in a small kitchen? Look no further, we have 5 of the best organization ideas and storage tips for your kitchen!

1. Use a Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is a handy rotating tray in which you are able to turn and rotate to move food, ingredients, or salt, pepper, or your spice rack easily.

These take up minimal space compared to having to line up each of the items on your dinner table.

Not only is a lazy susan helpful when eating, it only takes up a small amount of counter space and can even be used to store cutlery, spices, and other cooking utensils.

image - 5 Best Kitchen Storage Ideas to Improve Storage Space
5 Best Kitchen Storage Ideas to Improve Storage Space

2. Food Storage Made Easy

image - Food Storage Made Easy

Often our kitchens get overcrowded with a large amount of food sitting on countertops or baskets.

Why not organize these into glass jars or canisters? Various food items and dry food can be stored in easy-to-see glass storage jars or storage containers to fee up a shelf or countertop.

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3. Pull-Out Cupboards for Built-In Space

Make a huge dent in your kitchen clutter by storing cookware, crockery, or food in a handy pull-out cabinet.

Common Uses for this style of cabinetry include hanging up pots and pans, smart kitchen gadgets, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, cooking oils, and food ingredients.

We have found that maximizing smart pull-out cupboards allows for extra storage space and also gives a kitchen a modern look and feel.

Take a look at some of the examples below from Pinterest:

image - Pull-Out Cupboards for Built-In Space

image - Pull-Out Cupboards for Built-In Space

image - Pull-Out Cupboards for Built-In Space

4. Organize Your Cutting Boards

There is nothing worse than having a chaotic section of cutting boards in your kitchen. Some try to utilize kitchen cabinets to store their boards or cabinet doors.

These can definitely work as decent storage solutions, however, using dividers and vertical slots for cutting boards is a genius way to create a designated cutting board cabinet.

image - Organize Your Cutting Boards

5. Using the Kitchen Sink for Smart Storage

Try to avoid adding everything in the kitchen cupboards, but look for smart places or a vertical space that you can utilize.

For example, the kitchen sink has incredible potential to save you space in a small or tiny kitchen, or even just to declutter!

Under the Sink Shelving

A well measured compact shelf will prove very useful for storing stackable items, or kitchen essentials.

Simply measure the size, cut an existing piece of shelving (if necessary) and fit the shelf in.

Despite being a typically small space, this storage space has a lot to offer.

For example, all of your kitchen detergents and cleaning products can be stored under the sink in an organized manner. You may even consider keeping a dispenser under the sink.

image - Under the Sink Shelving

Post and pans can also be stored under the sink – view here.

Storing Pots, Pans, and Pot Racks

​Apart from keeping pots and pans safely stored, have you considered a multi tiers shelf or racking system, for your pots? This stackable shelf allows easy visibility to locate your needed item.

image - Storing Pots, Pans, and Pot Racks

Wrapping up

To free up some needed span in your kitchen, experiment with these storage ideas and find additional ideas to try at home like Nathan James collection.

There is a wealth of information and tips for kitchen storage and it is a good idea to research a range of kitchen styles to gather inspiration!

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