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9 Space-Saving Ideas for Apartment Kitchen Storage

If you live in an apartment, you already know that storage space is at a premium. Most times, practicality wins over decor. But there are ways to reorganize your kitchen so you have more space and it still looks chic.

image - 9 Space-Saving Ideas for Apartment Kitchen Storage
9 Space-Saving Ideas for Apartment Kitchen Storage

Are you looking for ways to squeeze more storage out of your tiny apartment kitchen?

It’s possible. Here’s how.

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  1. Store Your Dishes in Another Room

If you eat in a separate room, why not store your dishes where you will use them most? Custom-built cabinets, wash tables, and rolling carts are all unique ways to store dishes.

You don’t have to be handy enough to build a custom solution, try bookcases or glass-front cases for another aesthetic. Save money by searching for these at thrift stores!

You may have to walk a few steps to put them away, but it will free the space in your kitchen up for cooking items and equipment.

  1. Try Roll-Out Shelves

When you have to get on the floor to see what’s in the back of your cabinet, you’re not likely to store much back there. This is when roll-out shelves can benefit you. You probably can’t remodel your apartment’s kitchen cabinets, but you can add roll-out shelves to existing ones pretty easily.

Maximize tall, skinny cabinets (like the ones made for cutting boards and cookie sheets) by installing roll-outs for canned goods or spices.

You can purchase factory-made roll-outs or make your own and install them yourself.

  1. Use a Cart Instead of an Island

Not every kitchen is big enough for an elaborate island. Opt for a rolling kitchen cart instead. They’re more versatile and manageable.

If you have guests coming over, use the rolling cart to prep food and then make it into a buffet table when the party starts. And when you’re not using it roll it out of the way.

Kitchen carts are also highly customizable, with endless features and options to choose from. They make some carts with built-in cutting boards, shelves, and hooks for utensils.

  1. Don’t Forget the Walls

They may not be your first choice, but don’t let your walls sit empty. Make the most of the space by adding racks or peg boards from floor to ceiling. Then, you can use S-hooks for kitchen utensils. Install magnetic strips to use as a knife rack.

This method also works for pots and pans. Go crazy! It’ll look purposeful. Paint the back wall with chalk paint so you won’t worry about scuff marks.

  1. Keep Only the Best

Do you really need every utensil, bowl, glass, and keepsake in your kitchen? Get real about clutter and trash or donate anything you don’t use.

If you have multiples of one item, keep only the best. And as you reorganize, use clear containers so you can keep tabs on what you have. Plus, transparent items can add a spacious feel to your kitchen.

  1. Optimize Your Pantry

Your pantry is the heart of your kitchen. Make sure you have implemented an organization so it’s easy to see what you have.

Use Bins

Pantries and bins were made to be together. You don’t have to buy expensive bins, but the more you have, the better. Recycled boxes are often all you need!

Group like items (snacks, baking ingredients, pasta) into bins and label them. You’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for.

Leave Room in the Middle

If you have deep pantry shelves, it’s important to think about forming a “U” shape when stocking it.

If you load up a deep shelf from back to front, you won’t be able to see everything in the back when you open the door. Do yourself a favor and leave yourself some room in the middle.

  1. Get Smart With Vertical Space

If you don’t have many cabinets and drawers, you might think your options are limited. But don’t forget your vertical space.

Here are a few ways to get smart with your vertical space:

  • Add a shelf above your cabinets if they don’t go all the way to the ceiling. This space is most useful for items you don’t use regularly (like cake savers or pressure cookers).
  • Use the inside of cabinet doors by hanging an organizer over the door or adding hooks for potholders.
  • Don’t forget your oven can be storage, too. If you don’t use your oven a lot, you can store baking sheets and cooling racks there. Just remember they’re there when you go to use the oven!
  1. Downsize Your Appliances

It may seem insane to think about replacing your beloved espresso maker with a French press, but sometimes there just isn’t enough space for large appliances. You must make tough choices.

If there’s something you can’t live without, keep it. But if it’s taking up valuable counter space, it might be time to find it a new home.

  1. Let a Professional Help

When all else fails, or if you want it to be right on the first try, hire a professional designer to help.

The right professional company will schedule an initial consultation and work with you to create a plan that will organize and simplify life to your standards. They’ll be able to answer questions and save you money with competitive pricing and warranties.

If you’re looking for a designer that understands space savings and design, check out Incredible Home.

How Will You Organize Your Apartment Kitchen?

It’s difficult organizing an apartment kitchen to save space, but there are ways you can make it happen. It’s about the style that makes you feel your best, so get inspired and see where the creativity takes you.

Are you a pro at organizing small kitchens? Share your tips in the comment section below!

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