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The Best Landscaping Careers to Check Out in 2021

Like all businesses across the world, the landscaping industry’s taken a slight hit from the recent pandemic. Yet, it’s still worth an estimated $105 billion during 2021.

So, if want a stable job outlook and enjoy working outdoors in nature, a career in landscaping is a good match for you.

These are some of the best landscaping careers out there right now.

image - The Best Landscaping Careers to Check Out in 2021
The Best Landscaping Careers to Check Out in 2021

Landscaping Careers for Creatives

Landscape architects or designers help rearrange or plan gardens to create an aesthetic result.

They work out the balance between hardscapes, like walkways and patios, and softscapes i.e. plants to create ultimate horticultural harmony.

After the designer’s laid out all the details, a crew of gardeners gets to work implementing their ideas.

You’ll need a four-year landscape architect degree if you want to become a landscape architect.

Once qualified, you’ll get to work with home – and business owners to plan their ideal outdoor spaces.

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Landscape Manager

Landscape managers oversee these teams of gardeners to ensure lawns and flower beds stay in top condition.

You need a high school diploma or a general education diploma to enter this field. You’ll usually gain the necessary experience during an internship.

These careers related to landscape management include working for businesses or specialized landscaping services like BrightView, Cherry Oak Landscaping, or TruGreen.

If you have good customer skills and you’re willing to learn everything there is to know about plant diseases and pests, this career is a good option for you.

Turf Management

A career in turf management or grounds management involves taking care of the grass on golf courses, in stadiums, and on sports grounds.

There’s a high need for professionals in this field, especially for managing existing golf courses.

You don’t need a specific degree to embark on this career path, but you might need a license if you’re handling harmful pesticides in your daily work.

The best way to enter this field is by applying for a job at local landscaping companies that take care of homeowners’ lawns.

As you gain experience, you can spread your wings to larger projects involving more complex turf setups.


Working as a horticulturist has more to do with managing plants than grass and trees.

Your daily tasks include overseeing every aspect of plant care. This includes breeding, selection, and planting.

You’ll need strong people skills to excel in this field as well as a four-year degree in horticulture, plant science, and soil science.

If preferred, you can specialize in agriculture with this type of degree. Other horticulturists spend their days working in laboratories and greenhouses or lecturing at college.

A Bright Future Ahead

Landscaping careers’ salary averages vary according to the job. Some of these landscaping careers pay as much as $65,000 a year, so they’re worth looking into if you have green fingers.

Apart from a decent pay rate, you’re also assured of endless job satisfaction whether you like being creative, working with your hands, or simply spending time in nature.

Are you still searching for your ideal job? Explore our website for more great career options or ways to make your garden even better without any specialized experience.

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