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What are the Best Smart Home Gadgets?

Smart homes have really come into their own across the past few years, if you told us 5 years ago that by 2020 over 20% of British homes would have smart home technology in them and the number of homes that do keeps growing, whether it is new adopters getting their first smart speaker or smart home veterans picking up the latest cutting edge tech.

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What are the Best Smart Home Gadgets

So, what are the best smart home gadgets to pick up in 2020? Well, let’s find out!

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Best for Smart Home Newbies – Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are usually the first smart home-related purchase people opt for, they’re easy enough to operate and they are now at a price point that allows almost anyone to purchase them.

A smart speaker like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home is the perfect smart gadget to start off on.

With a smart speaker you’ll be able to ask questions, set alarms, play music and control your other smart gadgets if you have them.

These smart speakers are usually controlled by voice commands but can also be operated by using an app on your phone, so all in all these are the perfect starter tech.

Best for Those Getting the Hang of Their Smart Home – Smart Lights

Once you have got your head around how to use your smart speaker, it’s time to expand your home’s new smartness, smart lights are an excellent second purchase, they’re simple to set up, easy to use and are also at an accessible price point.

Smart lights are simply just lightbulbs that can be linked to other smart devices such as your smart speaker, this will allow you to turn lights on/off by voice command, from the app or on a timer.

Some smart lights such as the Phillips Hue will allow you to also change the colour of the light, so if you’re in a romantic mood, for example, you could change the colour of the light to a gentle pink to set the mood.

Best for Those Looking to Experiment with their Smart Home – Smart Blinds

Now you have a hang on your smart home and want to play around with what you can add, why not go for smart blinds? Smart blinds are a great choice for home automation as they’re simple to install and again easy to use, simply install like a normal blind and connect to the relevant gadgets.

Some smart blinds will be Alexa compatible, some will have an app to use or some like DotcomBlinds new electric blinds are operated and programmed by a remote control that accompanies the blinds, however, they’re controlled they all have the key features of operating the blinds and being able to set them to various pre-set levels.

Best for Smart Home Experts – Smart Home Security

Now that you’ve mastered all the flashy smart home tech you can get your hands on, it’s time to get fully into the smart home life with a smart home security setup, these setups usually include the following: Smart Locks, Front Door Camera and Guest Recognition.

The smart locks can be used with your existing keys but can be opened with your phone and you can see if your doors are locked or not from an app; the door camera is similar to a normal CCTV set up.

But you can stream the footage to your phone and talk with people at your door (this is ideal for getting items delivered whilst you’re out); and guest recognition, which will set your door to accept certain guests based on either facial recognition or them having an app on your phone, allowing you to let friends in and keep strangers away from your home.

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