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Best ways to Organize Your Kitchen Counters

Like it or not, kitchen countertops attract all the clutter. It’s a constant battle to clean up everything but for some unknown reason, stuff keeps piling up. Sometimes it honestly feels like the clutter has started breeding or something.

But thankfully we have come up with some really easy ways to make sure that your countertops are neat and navigable and it’s a breeze for you to be in the kitchen.

image - Best ways to Organize Your Kitchen Counters
Best ways to Organize Your Kitchen Counters

Sort and Chuck Away

So you too see that jumbled mess of a kitchen, don’t you? Well as off-putting as it is, you need to sort through it. Figure out which spices and herbs you are actually going to use and donate the rest.

As much as we love eating and cooking with all sorts of utensils, pick out the ones you actually use daily and store the rest inside a cabinet.

There’s no need to keep all the hundred cookbooks and magazines either, select a few good ones and give the rest to a friend who needs help. Just go for the KonMari way to make sure to keep the things you actually use and chuck away everything else.

Look for Space

No matter if your kitchen counter is small or spacious if you don’t manage it well it can easily turn into the most potent magnet for clutter in the world.

Having less workspace to cook your favorite meals can be pretty irritating, so quality storage space is really necessary. If you find yourself trying to fight for space in your own kitchen it is high time to redesign the place.

This way you won’t only have the best kitchen countertops in concord or any other area but a better-organized food space.

Move that Microwave

We love our microwaves and why shouldn’t we? It’s easier to heat up leftovers, make some yummy popcorns, and do some small baking and so much more. What we ignore is the amount of space they hog up on the countertop.

Now storing it in some cabinet is not ideal either because who is going to pull it out or put it back in? We have the best solution to avoid excess labor and store the microwave in an accessible friendly place.

Set it up on your island and save space. Go for a drawer microwave to avoid crouching around and getting uncomfortable. Just press one of the buttons on the top and put your food on the drawer that comes out.

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Hang it up

We all love having spoons and spatulas within reach because pulling out drawers to find them can be a drag. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep them on your countertop and take up space. The hanging trend is so much cooler and better to do.

You can easily install holders and hooked racks above the stove and countertop and have everything from a single spatula to your favorite coffee mug hanging up there. The same goes for that old school bowl of fruits.

Go with the trendy hanging basket in which you can not only keep fruits but also some veggies that are on the day’s menu. A chic farmhouse touch to make your kitchen look more updated.

Floating it Right

Having not enough cabinet space is every kitchen owner’s dilemma. You can’t exactly redesign your kitchen every time you run out of storage space. What about that empty space beside your cabinets? You don’t use it for anything, so why not make it useful.

Install some cool and simple shelves and make quality space to store your stuff. You can keep all your favorite tea blends, cookies, coffee maker, fresh bread and so much more there and enjoy that foodie, personal vibe.

Revamp Your Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is a world of opportunities. You can easily use it for multiple purposes other than piling up dirty dishes.

With some fixings, you can have the drying rack, washing area, and some space to pop up cutting board all fitted in the sink. If you think your sink is not too accommodating to upgrades like these then go for a new one which is more open to new fixings.

Upgrading your sink won’t just free up space elsewhere but also stop you from stacking up dirty dishes and not washing them until it’s extremely late.

Use those Walls

To help free your counter space from all those paper towel rolls, magazines, crock pots, and whatnot, why not use your kitchen walls to install wire racks, pull out drawers and hanging hooks.

A classy wired rack for magazines and cookbooks will not only organize the reading material but also provide a neat look. Hanging hooks can not only come in handy to install your spatulas or other cooking ware but also stop your keys from getting lost.

Get yourself a quality set of pull out drawers so you can avoid having loads of spice or tea jars and just keep it in the drawers and free up cabinet space for more delicate things. Elevated racks under the cabinets can be ideal as well for juicer, blender or toaster you use each morning for breakfast.

Inventory and Junk Watch

At the end of each month go through your storage spaces, look for things that have been just sitting there and donate what you won’t be needing. This way you will clean up some space inside which will help you keep your kitchen counter load free.

Kitchen counters usually end up attracting every knickknack in the house and soon it all turns into a big junk pile that swallows your clean workspace. Keep a junk bowl at the counter, somewhere in the corner to store it all. At the end of each week sort through it and throw away the useless stuff and store the rest away at the right place.

It is very easy to make a mess and avoid making everything organized and clean. Kitchens being the most frequented place in the house get to become more messy than usual. For some unknown reason placing things at the countertop is much easier than storing them at the right place.

But with the above tips, you will not only be able to clean up your counters but also organize your entire kitchen in a more wholesome and neat manner. The process might be tough at first but the end results will be so much to your liking!

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