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Browse and Purchase the Trending Bathroom Vanity Collections

Many people opt for new ways to decorate their bathroom during a remodeling project.

The minimal aesthetics and sleek lines are essential to bringing out the beauty of your bathroom. Below are a few contemporary bathroom vanities that one can opt for.

image - Browse and Purchase the Trending Bathroom Vanity Collections
Browse and Purchase the Trending Bathroom Vanity Collections

Marble Countertop Vanities

Vanities with marble have the most defining attributes, because of which it is a preferred selection for many modern styles.

Marble countertops create a crisp appearance that homeowners yearn for. It is a versatile option that is popular for generations and will never go out of style.

You can opt for an open shelf or a powder vanity, and both are great options.

Bathroom Vanities with Double Basins

Large-sized bathroom vanities can hold double basins. Vanities with double basins offer a practical way to add value to the bathroom.

Double basins provide a luxurious feel, which allows multiple users to use the sinks simultaneously. A double basin vanity is vital for large families.

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Vessel Sinks Vanities

A new trend in the bathroom vanities section is vanities possessing vessel sinks. Some people think it is awkward to see a large bowl sitting on top of the vanity.

However, it is convenient and versatile. One can install such sinks into any other types of countertops. You can even choose from the different styles, such as stone, porcelain, and ceramic.

When you combine it with the trendy aesthetic ideas, it will look like a vanity masterpiece.

Freestanding Single Vanities

Freestanding vanities are the common types that are easy to install. It can fit into any bathroom, whether single or double.

Freestanding single vanities do not require any extra mounting mechanisms. You do not need any professional help to install them, which means you can save up a lot of money on installation charges.

The typical freestanding vanities possess four legs that hold up the cabinet to offer an elevated appearance.

Solid Oak Wood Vanities

You can always opt for solid oak wood vanity, one of the highest quality wood-constructed vanities. One of the prime characteristics of solid oak vanity is the heavyweight.

Wood vanities, in general, offer a polished look. If you combine it with a high-quality water-resistant sealant, the vanity is sure to last for years altogether.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are wall-mounted. These modern styled cabinets are open to customization according to the needs of the home dwellers.

You can customize the faucets and sinks if you choose to. Another benefit of floating vanities is the extra space below the cabinet to make the bathroom look bigger.

Moreover, it eliminates the cramped feeling that a freestanding vanity might provide to the overall look.

Glass Top Vanities

Glass top vanities offer a unique vibe from their counterparts, such as natural stone and ceramic counterparts.

The glass provides a spa-type atmosphere to the bathroom, instantly modernizing the bathroom décor.

From the ample choice available, one chooses the ideal bathroom vanity that fits their budget and style.

There are many affordable, high-quality bathroom vanities that you can purchase by checking out reviews and use your best judgment in the seller.