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Can a Personal Injury Case Affect My Insurance?

A person can harm another person in several different ways. In some cases, when the person negligently causes harm to the other one, say in an unforeseen event like an accident, it’s a case of personal injury.

The law involved in it is personal injury law or law of tort. It can be a car accident; it can be a fall incident, etc. In cases related to personal injury, people can take help from a clearwater personal injury lawyer.

If a personal injury claim happens (for example, i.e., a car accident) after a car accident, it may affect your car insurance premium, but only if it is a part of the claim.

image - Can a Personal Injury Case Affect My Insurance?
Can a Personal Injury Case Affect My Insurance?

Factors That Can Have an Impact on the Premium

1. The Driving Record

Your driving record can have an impact on the premium after a claim. Secondly, if there are chances that you are also found at fault this will also affect the premium after a claim.

Your insurer may consider the severity and the cost of the claim after you file a car insurance claim.

If you hire a personal injury lawyer, he will guide you better in this situation regarding every matter.

When the cost of the car insurance policy is being calculated the auto insurer himself considers the driving record.

The driver who has a greater chance of risk is charged a high premium and on the other hand, even if your past driving history is safe your insurer may raise your premium considering you a high-risk driver.

Moreover, if you file a claim, it surely does not mean that it will affect your insurance.

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2. The Driver Who is at Fault

Your insurance rate increases only when you are found at fault because it depends upon whether you are at fault or not.

After filing a car insurance claim, you will be introduced to an adjuster and he will be assigned to your case.

An adjuster is a person who assesses the damage and works with the insurer. They have to find out who is at fault for the accident and in several cases multiple drivers are responsible.

3. Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people take help from a lawyer who guides them and helps them in every possible way. The personal injury lawyer helps the victim to recover their financial damage.

Moreover, they allow a person who is injured physically or physiologically due to someone’s negligent act.


Accidents are unfortunate for everyone. Some are very serious, and some happen by someone’s or maybe by your negligent act.

Some are physically hurt, and there are several other cases as well. When a party breaches the duty, he will have to act responsibly and reasonably instead of running from it and neglecting it because he has to pay for his actions and face the consequences.

The plaintiff or the claimant pays for the injury claim. Same in case of a car accident; if it is a part of your claim only, then it will affect your car insurance premium.

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