For maintaining a healthy indoor environment, it is imperative to keep carpets clean, which can be a challenging task.

Nevertheless, you must include carpet cleaning in the list of regular housekeeping activities and clean the carpets at least once a week.

Since carpets gather lots of dust and dirt particles that make them look dirty, regular vacuuming helps remove loosely adhered particles from the upper surface to maintain their clean looks.

However, vacuuming has its limitations because you cannot use a very high vacuum to damage the carpet fibers and spoil its looks.

Routine vacuuming is good for keeping carpets clean, but it does not remove the dirt and dust particles that settle deep inside the carpet surface and can cause health problems in the long run.

image - Carpet Cleaning Methods That are Effective in Different Ways

Carpet Cleaning Methods That are Effective in Different Ways

Deep cleaning of carpets at least once a year by professional carpet cleaners like first choice cleaning can help to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

The professional carpet cleaners use some of the following carpet cleaning techniques depending on the condition of the carpet and the carpet material.

Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

Steam cleaning is the most common carpet cleaning technique by forcing hot water at high pressure into the carpet fibers that effectively breaks down the dirt particles and bacteria settled inside the deep layers.

Next, vacuuming the carpet helps to extract the dirt and bacteria completely.  Spreading a cleaning agent across the carpet with a brush precedes the process of steam cleaning.

Giving some time for the cleaning agent to work ensures proper cleaning, and it takes some more time for drying.

Absorbent Compound Cleaning

Also known as dry carpet cleaning, the cleaners use an absorbent compound that adheres to the dirt and dust particles inside the carpet and the surface.

By using a mechanical brush, the absorbent compound is spread evenly across the carpet to cover all areas. Allow the compound time to work upon the dirt and dust particle.

Then, it will separate these from the fibers and remove them entirely by using a high-power professional vacuum cleaner. The method is as much effective as steam cleaning but not messy as it does not use water.

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Bonnet Cleaning

Unlike deep cleaning that cleans carpets inside out, bonnet cleaning targets the outer surface of carpets. The cleaning process uses bonnet machines attached with cleaning pads soaked in some cleaning solution.

As the cleaning wheels keep rotating and the machine moves across the carpet surface, it removes the dirt and grime and even polishes the surface.

This cleaning method is ideal for commercial settings like hotels and restaurants to spruce up always to look clean.


Just as you shampoo your hair, applying shampoo on carpets has similar cleaning effects. This age-old method of carpet cleaning consists of applying a foamy substance on the carpet and pushing it deep inside with the help of a brush machine.

To remove the shampoo, cleaners use wet vacuuming and leave it for air drying but might sometimes require dry vacuuming to remove residual moisture.