All you need is a good sleep when you come home tired and stressed. Sleep is the source of ultimate relaxation. While you can lie down on a sofa or couch, nothing can match getting cozy sleep in your bed.

Besides sleeping, you do so many activities on the bed such as chatting with friends, watching TV, playing with a dog, working on a laptop, having snacks, or just sitting for hours – a bed is, after all, the most comfortable place in your room. Have you noticed what the most beautiful thing on your bed is? Yes, the bedsheet.

image - Choosing the Perfect Bed Sheet

Choosing the Perfect Bed Sheet

A bed may look beautiful with pillows and bolsters but it is incomplete without bed linen. The bedsheet should be beautiful, comfortable, and match the color of your interiors. It needs to be soft so that you feel good when you sit or sleep on it.

Good bed sheets mean good sleep; hence, choosing the perfect bed sheet is as important as sleep itself. Below are a few tips that may help you pick up the best bed sheet.

Tips for Choosing the Bed Sheets

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Thread Count

The thumb rule suggests that – higher thread count means more comfort. However, bed sheet manufacturers might enhance the sheets with silicone softeners to make them look and feel super soft; however, in such cases, the softness may just vanish after the first wash. Hence, thread count is not the only feature you should look for – in a bedsheet.

Cotton remains the favorite choice among most people. While there are various types of cotton such as America Upland, Pima cotton, or combed cotton, you can get Egyptian cotton sheets 1500 thread count for that ultimate softness and luxurious appeal. You can also go for a polyester/percale blend.


As mentioned above, Egyptian cotton is a lavish material for bed sheets. However, not everything that looks luxurious is Egyptian cotton. You need to be extra careful while buying one. An authentic Egyptian cotton bed sheet is manufactured from cotton grown under specific climate conditions in Egypt.

The cotton is washed and combed with extra care, which gives that extra softness. Apart from being comfortable, the sheets are also durable.

Various manufacturers use shortcuts to growing Egyptian cotton by growing it outside its natural habitat. Such sheets are not very good in quality. The price, even for low-quality Egyptian cotton, is expensive.

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While Egyptian cotton is mostly preferred, it doesn’t mean that you have no options. The material you select for your bed sheet is a personal choice and the options are endless. There is a wide range of bed sheets available in the market.

If you want something soft and light, you can go for cotton-poplin sheets. You can select soft and breathable cotton which will keep you warm during winters and cool during summer.

Cotton-polyester material is another blend that is wrinkle-free and affordable. If you stay at a warm place, you can select linen as it keeps your body cool by absorbing heat from you and is a popular choice during summers. The linen becomes soft with every wash but wrinkles easily. You can also choose between flannel, Tencel, silk, and polyester.


The weave of your bed sheet is also an important factor that adds softness and comfort. Sateen and Percale are the two common forms of weaving. Flannel weave features a napped finish on one or both sides, creating a soft feel that is characteristic of this fabric. Flannel sheets are ideal for winter because the fluffy weave holds in body heat, and creates a cozy feel.

Jersey weave features a knit fabric similar to that of t-shirts and is soft but shrinkable. Sateen weaves produce satiny sheets and percale weave provides crispiness to your sheet.

Right Fit

You are buying a bedsheet exclusively for your bed; hence, it is crucial to buy the right size that fits your bed really well. The bed might not look good if you something too small or too big for it. For instance, if the size of your mattress is 38 x 75″, you should buy Twin Sheets.

Similarly, for mattress size 38 x 80″, you should go for Twin XL Sheets. For 60 x 80″ and 78 x 80″, you need Queen Sheets and King Sheets respectively.


The look of your bed sheet determines the appearance of your room. While one can choose between plains and prints; some of the common patterns in bed sheets are geometric, floral, stripes, ethnic, and abstract.

You can also select a bed sheet with designs inspired by artworks or based on a certain theme. If you don’t want to take a risk with the look of your room, you can select a plain bed sheet as it goes well with any kind of décor.