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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Bed Sheets for A Good Night’s Sleep

To pick the right bedsheet, know the thread count, the material of the bedsheet, keep the bed sheet clean, and have different bedsheets for different seasons

When you go to the bed to sleep, you need to feel comfortable. Otherwise, you will feel anxious and have a hard time sleeping. To prevent this, you need to choose the right bedsheet.

image - 6 Things to Consider When Choosing Bed Sheets for A Good Night’s Sleep
6 Things to Consider When Choosing Bed Sheets for A Good Night’s Sleep

The right bed sheet will give you the tranquility needed to fall asleep. Apart from picking the right bedsheet, you also have to keep it clean and maintain it so that it stays fresh when you lay down and feel relaxed.

Sometimes, even a mediocre bedsheet will feel soothing if you keep it fresh, clean, and unwrinkled.

So, now have a rough idea of how crucial a right bed sheet is. Let us look at some factors you need to consider before getting a bedsheet. This will allow you to pick the right bedsheet for you.

1. The Thread Count of The Bedsheet

The thread count refers to the combined amount of vertical and horizontal bedsheet threads in a square inch of fabric. This is very important when picking the right bedsheet for you.

Thread counts dictate how breathable the bedsheet will be, thus directly affecting the comfort of the bedsheet.

Generally, a higher thread count means the bedsheet will be much softer and air will easily pass through them. So, try to pick a bed sheet that has a high thread count.

Usually, an average bed sheet will have a thread count of 400-600. That is not necessarily bad, but it will not give you the right level of comfort.

To pick a bed sheet that has the perfect feel, buy one with a thread count of 800-1000. But you cannot go overboard as well.

A thread counts over 1000 will make the bedsheet feel heavy, which might be uncomfortable for you.

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2. Know the Right Material

A bedsheet can be made from different materials. These include Egyptian cotton, linen, silk, and bamboo. A short description of each of these materials is given below.

You will be able to understand the differences between each material and pick the right one for you.

Egyptian Cotton

This is the most common material. Bed Sheets made with Egyptian cotton are very comfortable and fluffy.

So, if you want something with some extra bit of comfort, you can pick sheet sets made from Egyptian cotton.

But keep in mind, you have to spend some money because these bed sheets are expensive.


If you want a bed sheet that is durable and hypoallergenic, then one made with linen is the right choice. The best part about linen is it has a smooth texture.

Unlike cotton, it will have little to no wrinkles.


If you want a luxurious and smooth-looking bedsheet, then silk is a good choice. Silk is considered to be a bedsheet for royals and nobles, so if you want that aesthetic vintage feeling, buy a silk bed sheet.


This is a very uncommon material used to make bed sheets. Bed Sheets made with bamboo are considered to be the most durable out of all materials.

But the downside is the process of making bamboo bedsheets is not environmentally friendly.

3. You Need to Keep the Bed Sheet Clean

The next thing you need is to keep the bed sheet clean. A tidy bed sheet will always be better no matter the material. A clean bed sheet will always feel relaxing to lay on.

Keeping the bedsheet clean will also increase its durability. So, getting the right bed sheet is not the only important factor. You also need to keep your bed sheet clean if you want to enjoy the best out of it.

4. Synchronize the Color of The Bedsheet

Some people might not pay attention to it, but the color of your bed sheet is also very important. If your bedsheet does not go well with the color of your room or matches your color taste, then you will not find comfort in laying on the bed.

The bedsheet needs to compliment the color of your entire room. It will not only soothe your body, but it will be soothing for your eyes as well.

Having the right color greatly increases the aesthetics of your room.

5. Change Bed Sheet According to Season

Another important point to remember is to change the bedsheet according to the season. Each season requires you to have different bed sheets.

Like, in summer, you need bed sheets that will keep you cool and allow air to pass through them easily. So, you need a bed sheet, which is breathable and has a high thread count.

On the other hand, during winter, you need bed sheets that are heavy, less breathable, and will keep you warm and cozy.

Woolen bed sheets will be the right choice or any other sheet made with materials that trap heat.

6. Wash the Bed Sheet from Time to Time

When you sleep alone at night comfortably inside your bedsheet, remember that you are not the only one in your bed.

There are microscopic bugs, dust particles, and even small insects that can come crawling up on your bed sheet. If they settle down on your sheet, it will be unhealthy and dirty.

If you do not wash your bed sheet, it will make you feel uncomfortable and even develop some sort of skin disease. So, it is necessary to wash your bed sheet every ten days to keep it clean.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have a comfortable and sound sleep, you need to have the right bedsheet. Not only do you need to pick the right bedsheet made with the right materials, but also you need to maintain the bedsheet and keep it clean.

Doing so will guarantee you the well-deserved sleep you need to recharge yourself and get prepared for the next day.

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