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Choosing a Table Saw for a Small House

If you work with boards, beams, slabs, sheets, and other wood material, the processes of sewing, cutting, and trimming are indispensable.

Therefore, the circular saw is one of the irreplaceable tools for any professional or amateur woodworker. Choosing electro garden tools, in general, is a challenge, and a table saw is not an exception.

image - Choosing a Table Saw for a Small House
Choosing a Table Saw for a Small House

There are many criteria for choosing the right tool, like its size, type, runtime, power, and capacity.

The size of the table saw may be a real problem if you live in a small house and do not have enough space. Table saw itself is considered to be the smallest and most portable type of circular saw.

It is supplied with special equipment, so it can be installed without much effort in almost any place. But what kinds of table saws are there, and how to choose the one that will fit better into your small workshop?

Cabinet Saws

The cabinet saws provide the most accuracy. They are basically designed to satisfy the needs of the professionals.

They are stationary, large, and those weighing more than 500 lbs. It means that the cabinet saws are more suitable for some permanent workshop or a job site.

Of course, even the largest of them can come with wheels, so it’s possible to move them on a smooth surface. This saw fence can easily cut through some thick hardwood stock; no wonder only professionals or serious amateurs require saws of such power.

Contractor Table Saws

The design of the contractor table saws is the oldest one of portable saws. But at the same time, they are heavy enough (250 — 350 lbs) to be considered only semi-portable.

These models do not fold, so you’ll need a pickup truck to move them around. The unique feature of the contractor table saw is that its motor hangs from the back part of the saw.

The original idea was to make it more portable after removing the motor. Speaking about the price, the contractor table saws are the most affordable kind of table saws for your worksite.

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Benchtop Table Saws

This kind of table saw is the lightest, smallest, and entirely portable one. And despite its size, the benchtop table saw is pretty powerful: it can also cut through some thick hardwood stock.

Moving this tool is extremely easy due to the removable folding stand, and it is probably one of the best features of the benchtop table saw.

Be ready that the price is not low; a decent-quality and potent saw will cost 450$ and more.

These models are considered to be a little loud and short on muscle since they are using a universal lightweight motor.

Their top is not made of cast iron but aluminum, which contributes to portability but makes the saw less durable.

Which One to Choose?

Except considering power, maintainability, security elements, functionality, and the appearance of a table saw, you also have to pay attention to its size.

Sometimes even a professional woodworker may not have enough space for large table saws like the cabinet ones.

So what if you need a table saw both portable and powerful enough? Obviously, if you are looking for a table saw for your house with a small worksite, the best option is the benchtop table saws.

They are powerful and small enough to fit in a worksite of any size. So the benchtop table saws are the final answer to the ‘not enough space’ problem.