If you are a woodworker, then you know that the miter saw is one of the most important tools in your workshop.

The main benefit of having a miter saw in your shop is that it enables you to cut lumber and other materials at precise angles.

If you don’t have an angle for something, then just measure and mark it out on the board or piece of material before cutting with your table saw or circular saw. It will still work great!

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10 Benefits of Having a Miter Saw in Woodworking Shop

This Article Will go Over 10 Benefits of Having a Miter Saw in your Woodworking Shop:

What is a Miter Saw?

A miter saw is a crosscut saw. It is used to make angled cuts in woodworking and carpentry. Miter saws are widely available at hardware stores and home improvement centers.

Miter saws have blade guards that prevent contact of the blade with anything other than the material being cut.

When cutting, the teeth on the blade rise up through the material and then cut down into it, which is why they are called a “down-cutting” saw.

There are different types of miter saws that are utilized by woodworkers, but this article will focus only on the benefits of using a miter saw.

Benefits of Using Miter Saw in Woodworking Shop

Here are the benefits that you can avail yourself with a miter saw in the workshop-

1) Allows for precision cuts

When cutting angles precisely, a miter saw is the most useful tool because it allows you to cut at precise angles.

With a table saw or circular saw, you would have to adjust until your desired angle is achieved.

However, with a miter saw, all you need is to set the appropriate angle and make your cut without having to worry about adjusting.

Also, woodworkers make use of the miter table in their workshop to cut angles that are not possible with a circular saw or a table saw.

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2) Quicker than using hand-held power tools

Miter saws can cut materials faster than using hand-held power tools. This is because you will have to move a miter saw back and forth just once while cutting, unlike when using a circular saw or jigsaw.

Also, you can easily adjust the speed of the blade as per your need for more precision and control over the material.

3) Safe for cutting longer pieces of wood

If you have a miter saw, then it will be safer to make those cuts on certain types of woods that are very thick or hard to reach using other tools.

The blade can penetrate the material and it doesn’t pose any danger to your hands when making a cut because the blade guard, which is common in most miter saws, will prevent any contact.

4) Daunting tasks are made simple

The most obvious advantage of a miter saw is that it allows you to cut many materials at the same angle.

Also, if you have a large number of projects to complete and limited time or tools, then having a miter saw will make your life much easier because it can cut dozens of pieces in an instant instead of just one with a table saw.

5) Easier to transport and store than a table saw

Miter saws are easy to move around as compared to table saws because they are lighter in weight, which makes it easier for you to carry them from one place to another or from your car into the workshop.

Also, when not in use, a miter saw can be folded up and kept in a small space, such as under your table saw or on a shelf.

Table saws need to be set up every time you use them for whatever task; miter saws don’t require any setting up because they are already ready to go.

They have an easy-to-turn knob that allows you to adjust the saw, start it up and begin working.

6) Allows for quick work when needed

If your project calls for a lot of crosscuts or miter cuts, then having a miter saw will prove to be very useful because most projects require cutting through several materials that make use of these two techniques.

This is why only professionals who usually complete a large number of projects, utilize these kinds of saws in their workshops.

7) They are ideal for some decorating projects

You can easily make miter cuts for those crown molding that require a lot of angles and bevels, so regardless of the complexity or the amount you need to cut, you can utilize a miter saw.

Also, if you want to do some cutting at an angle that is not available in a table saw, then this can be achieved with the use of the miter table.

8) Allows you to use a table for support

Another benefit of a miter saw is that it is hooked on to the table in any position; this allows you to use the table as support while cutting.

Using other tools such as a jigsaw or grinder will not make your task much easier because they are pretty hard to keep stable. So, those won’t help when you are doing precise cuts consistently.

9) Saves wood from getting damaged or bruised

Cutting wood with a miter saw will help you avoid defacing or bruising the material.

This is because there is no need to put too much pressure on the blade that goes through the material, unlike when using hand tools.

Also, using hand-held tools can result in tearing your materials due to blunt blades which are not ideal for shaping.

10) Cuts on almost any surface

Another benefit of having a miter saw for woodworking is that it can be used on almost any surface.

Whether you are working with tiles or other material such as wallboard, you don’t need to worry about your miter saw getting jammed.

You need to ensure that the saw blade is correct for the material and you are ready to go!


Having a miter saw in a woodworking shop is important because it allows for quick work when needed, cuts on almost any surface, and saves your material from getting damaged.

The blade can penetrate the material without posing harm to you or your hands which makes it safer than other cutting tools.

It’s also lighter weight and easy to transport so that transporting becomes much easier. If you are looking for an electric saw that will make your life easier while working with hardwoods then a miter saw may be what you need!