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What Are the Power Tools That You Will Typically Find in Most Household Toolboxes?

Since the invention of hand tools, manual power was the driving force until the invention of power tools that changed the way of working with hand tools.

Power tools, as the name, implies uses a power source, mostly electrical but can also be pneumatic, to drive the machine or equipment that automates the operation and eliminates the use of manual labor, thereby speeding up process and efficiency.

Grinders and drills are the most common power tools that you will find in the toolbox of any home for people who are DIY enthusiasts.

Circular saws, reciprocating saws are also part of the household toolbox among so many things that homeowners need for multipurpose use.

Some other power tools like nail guns and torque wrenches are optional for household toolboxes but find extensive use among professional service providers. To know more about power tools, look up at the website of The Tool Scout.

image - What Are the Power Tools That You Will Typically Find in Most Household Toolboxes?
What Are the Power Tools That You Will Typically Find in Most Household Toolboxes?

Power tools have extensive use in homes and industries. In this article, we will discuss some essential power tools that empower DIY enthusiasts and professional service providers.

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Circular Saws

A circular saw is a handheld tool used for cutting metals, plastic, and wood. The saw uses an abrasive disc or blade that rotates at high speed and cuts the surface. Bigger sizes of circular saws like the ones used in sawmills are stationery machines.

Handheld circular saws are either corded or cordless, depending on the type of work you want.

Cordless circular saws are popular because of their portability and convenience, especially in awkward or tight situations. The lack of cord allows for more accurate cutting as there is no chance of the cord getting in your way.

Cordless saws are suitable for household and other light work, but for heavier and robust jobs like lumber work, the corded variety is more preferred because it is more powerful.  A good saw is one that is not only powerful but also has a good blade.

Drilling Machines

The drilling machine is the most common and popular powertool that you are likely to find in every household toolbox.

Known as a drill, the ubiquitous tool used for drilling circular holes in all kinds of surfaces like metals, plastic, wood, brick, and concrete, as well as rock, consists of the machine that has a chuck for holding the drill bit.

As the machine rotates at high speed, the drill bit, which is a multipoint cutter, cuts through the surface and penetrates deep to form a hole.

The drill performs two kinds of motions – a linear motion in the downward direction and a rotary motion around its axis to complete the drilling task.

The cordless drill, which is battery-driven, is a versatile tool that fits different attachments as a hole saw, screwdriver attachments, and steel brush paint removers.


The portable grinder is another popular power tool that works by rotating an abrasive wheel at high speed to perform grinding operations. An abrasive wheel is a cutting tool that cuts across the surface in thin layers by using the cutting power of each grain of abrasive on the wheel.

Grinding helps to attain a superior surface finish to achieve the desired shape and size.

There are 6 types of grinders available – the Angle Grinder, Bench Grinder, Belt Grinder, Wet Grinder, Die Grinder, and Floor grinder, which are all electrically driven.

Except for the Bench Grinder, all other grinders are portable power tools available in a corded and cordless variety. The different grinders are useful in some specific situations, but the most versatile is the Angle Grinder that finds full application.

An angle grinder is a handheld tool commonly used in fabrication and construction work and even useful for various household maintenance works.

The circular cutting wheel is fixed at a right-angle to the tool’s handle shaft. The tool is useful for performing various tasks like grinding, deburring, cutting, finishing, and polishing.

The versatility of the Angle Grinder helps replace several other tools for performing different operations and enormously speeds up the work.

Miter Saws

A Miter saw is a treasured tool for craftsmen and fabricators because of its specialized nature that allows cutting at various angles. The tool has a swing arm that carries the blade and pivots from left to right to produce the desired cutting angle.

The miter saw is ideal for making cuts for door frames, picture frames, crown molding, window casings, and more.

Three Types of Miter Saws are Available

Compound Miter saws with blades pivoted for moving left and right to achieve the desired angle of the cut.

Dual Compound Miter saws can tilt both left and right for creating bevels, and Sliding Compound Miter saws are a hybrid of the Compound, and Sliding Miter saw as it can move the blade front, and back as a radial saw.