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Choosing a window Glass for your Commercial Space? Here’s a Guide to Help

When it comes to selecting a window glass for your office space, you seek the features that can give you maximum benefits.

So, before you call a commercial glass Sacramento professionals for installing a window glass, choose the type of glass you want in your office building.

Apart from providing energy efficiency, other unique features belonging to each different type of glass need to come to your attention. In this blog, we have gathered the list of types of glass you can choose for your windows in your office.

image - Choosing a window Glass for your Commercial Space? Here’s a Guide to Help
Choosing a window Glass for your Commercial Space? Here’s a Guide to Help

Here are the Types of Window Glass:

Laminated Safety Glass

For commercial spaces, these types of window glass are the best option as they are very durable and strong to address your safety concerns.

This glass contains an inner layer of Polyvinyl Butyral, which is surrounded by two glass sheets during manufacturing. This layer creates a strong glass panel, which if smashed, doesn’t break into large tattered shards or uncountable little pieces.

So, this type of window glass offers excellent break-in protection. Because of this feature, they protect your office interiors and property from damage.

Tempered Glass

One of the best advantages of tempered glass is that they are manufactured for safety. If it breaks, it will crumble into little granular pieces, which is quite harmless, rather than breaking into large shards.

This glass is 4 times stronger than any other ordinary glass.

They make the best choice for windows, partitions, and glass doors because of their transparency and crystal clearness.

Another great property of tempered glass is that it can withstand strong winds and the impact of heavy rains and hurricanes.

Tempered glass is created to be thermally tough and that’s why it is also scratch-resistant. However, if it develops a crack, the glass can’t be fixed by contacting glass window repair Sacramento services.  The only option you have got here is to replace it.

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Frosted Glass

Frosted glass can either be used for office partitions or windows. They give you the best of both worlds, as you can maintain privacy, and feel open at the same time.

The frosted glass makes the images from outside and inside appear blur while still letting in the natural light. This will also lead to energy savings.

When it comes to maintenance, they don’t require extensive maintenance. To clean them, you will need a cloth and a good glass cleaner.  Due to their modern and sleek look, they will complement any office design.

Frosted glass also provides UV rays protection, which means the furniture of your office will remain shielded from fade damage.

Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable privacy glass is increasingly becoming popular in the working environment.  It is a smart product that is operated through a switch, meaning you can switch it back and forth between the opaque window glass and a transparent window glass panel.

They offer you a smart solution to either maintain privacy when you want or allow natural light to pass through by making the glass transparent. As compared to curtains and blinds, they are low maintenance.

Insulated Glass Unit

Not only are insulated glass best for preserving energy and for better energy efficiency, but it also prevents the heated air and cooled air to sweep out of your glass windows.

They, no doubt, work great to maintain a comfortable environment inside the building in both summer and winters.

image - Insulated Glass Unit

Acoustic Glass

Offices can’t get exposed to outside noises as it affects their productivity. Acoustic glass is the best glass option for providing the most excellent noise reduction.

They work tremendously great in reducing outside noises that can interfere with people’s productivity at the office. In fact, they are useful in both offices and homes.

They are created by including a specialized PVB layer that reduces outside noises by over 90%. This makes it a wonderful option for installing in boardrooms, meeting rooms, windows, and partitions.

So, this is an excellent window glass for soundproofing your windows at offices.

Tinted Glass

Installing tinted glass in your office spaces will help both augmenting privacy and allow the natural light to come in through the glass.

You will have a window that can bring in natural light while blocking out the UV radiation that can fade the furniture of your office.

Since it can block the direct sunlight to pass through, your office environment will feel a little cooler than with the direct sun rays.

Now that you have gained knowledge about the glass types, it could be easier for you The decide the window glass that suits the needs of your commercial space.