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College Dorm Room – Checklist

Freshmen who are leaving home for the first time are often unprepared for the task of properly furnishing their dorm rooms. Many have never had to even think about the day-to-day necessities and in the excitement of starting the college experience, many details are overlooked.

While each student’s needs will be different, there are some basics which everyone should consider.

image - College Dorm Room - Checklist
College Dorm Room – Checklist

A fact of college life is that space in your dorm room will be limited. If you will be having a roommate, you will be sharing this small space with another person who is also likely living on their own for the first time.

Working with students and being one of the essay writers, I’d like to state that if you are provided with the name of your roommate ahead of time it may be wise to check with them so you do not duplicate major items. This can help you save room, as well as money which can easily be applied to other expenses.

Major Dorm Room Items Not to Forget

Your dorm room will be your residence while in college as well as your base of operations. To control costs and make the room as efficient and comfortable as possible the following list of items should be considered necessities.

If you are a private person who does not like other people getting into their things, then you will not want to share these items with your roommate.

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a good laptop will do everything you need, uses far less power, and is by nature portable. If you have a tower unit you will still want a laptop so you can take it to class or the library, or a friend’s room to study.


get a low-cost printer, but be sure to check the ink cartridge prices. If possible, you will want to have a wireless printer that can communicate with your laptop. This will save time, and be far more convenient.


to store drinks, snacks, and food items. These are extremely convenient and can save you a small fortune at the vending machines.


check the dorm rules to be certain they are allowed before making a purchase. Go for a smaller unit without a lot of bells and whistles. You will probably not be cooking a three-course meal but will be heating leftovers and frozen pizza.


while this can be considered optional, it can also be vital for keeping up to date on news and world events. Purchase a compact model with a built-in DVD player and internet connection. A Netflix subscription gives you access to a huge amount of play-on-demand programming.

Dorm Room Items Not to Be Forgotten

There are a large number of smaller items that you will want to have in your dorm room except for furniture essentials for maximum productivity.

While you may not use each of these items daily, when you need them little else will do. When purchasing these items buy cheap stuff. These items are far more likely to be borrowed than the major items listed above.

Coffee Maker

so you can brew your coffee both when you get up in the morning as well as during those late-night study sessions.

Can Opener

a lot of the new cans have pop-tops but not all, so get a cheap can-opener. This is an item you may want to buy two of as it is sure to be borrowed.

Alarm Clock

after being late for class a few times this need will become obvious.


just in case you and your roommate like the room at different temperatures.

Tool Kit

just buy one of those cheap all-in-one tool kits. It will come in handy more than once.


a small digital camera is a must. If you have a nicer phone you may be able to use the camera on the phone just as easily.

First Aid Kit

Again, nothing fancy, just a basic kit with the necessities.


to use when going to the community shower. Get waterproof slippers since you may want to wear them in the shower, considering the shower floor may not be the cleanest thing you encounter in college.


to slip on when making a trip to the shower, vending machine, or a neighbors room to recover your can opener.

Surge Protector/extension Cord

since you will surely not have enough plugs in the dorm room.


a small bedside lamp for reading while your roommate sleeps is essential.

Cloth Bags

to hold your dirty laundry on trips to the Laundromat, or home to mom if you are so fortunate.

Small Storage Bin

one of those small plastic three-drawer units approximately 8 to 10 inches high is great for storing pencils, pens, staples, and other supplies.

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