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College Dorm Room Decorating Guide

Starting college is exciting, even more so if you are going to live on campus. And while you can take with you your favorite paper writing service and continue ordering essays and research papers to deal with the new academic load, you can’t take your room with you. But! If you dedicate some time to decorating your new dorm room, you can make it feel like home.

Walk into a typical dorm room on the first day of school, and there’s not much to see. There are four walls, a floor with tile or some less-than-fabulous carpet, and a few pieces of institutional furniture.

While this may seem a little dismal, working with students as an essay writer, I can say that you should think of it as a clean slate just waiting for a creative college student to do some decorating magic.

Ready to get started? Here’s a handy beginner’s guide to decorating a college dorm room.

image - College Dorm Room Decorating Guide
College Dorm Room Decorating Guide

Choosing a Dorm Room Decorating Color

One of the first conversations future roommates might have about dorm room decorating is about color. A well-chosen color scheme can transform a drab, institutional space into a comfortable place to crash after a hard day of exams. Color is one of the easiest ways to invoke a mood or a sense of personal style.

No, college students don’t have the freedom to paint their dorm rooms. However, there are plenty of ways to interject a color scheme into a dorm room.

One of the easiest ways is by purchasing dorm room bedding ensembles, which are frequently inexpensive and often come in vibrant, cheerful colors that are easy to coordinate.

For students who are stuck with those cold tile floors, another easy and functional way to bring color to a dorm room is by purchasing a colorful dorm room area rug. Another quick and inexpensive way to make any room more colorful is by adding a few throw pillows.

Blue and Green Dorm Rooms

College is a stressful time, so why not decorate your room with colors that have a relaxing effect? Blue and green promote psychological sensations of calmness, peace, and tranquility, which may be exactly what you need after a long day of classes.

Consider using brighter shades of these colors, as too much dark green or blue can evoke moodiness and create a depressing atmosphere.

Red and Yellow Dorm Rooms

The color red evokes feelings of excitement, and the color yellow evokes cheerfulness. A dorm room decorated with these colors may stand out as a fun, friendly place for visitors.

Red and yellow also promote concentration because they’re so bright, so if you plan to be studying late at night in your room, these colors might give you an extra boost.

Consider avoiding brighter shades of red and yellow, as these might cross the line between cheerful and tacky.

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Purple Dorm Rooms

When it comes to decorating, purple is an unusual choice because it has such a quirky feel. If you’re looking for a room that stands out as unusual or funky, purple might be the way to go.

Pastel shades of lavender can add a feminine touch, while darker shades can evoke a sense of royalty and richness.

Beige, Tan, and Brown Dorm Rooms

Some might consider these neutral shades to be boring and too basic, but they don’t have to be. People often use these colors for their homes because they evoke a comfortable, homey feeling, so you may want to try this out for your dorm room as well.

To avoid a drab look, choose interesting patterns in these colors. An advantage of using neutral shades is that you won’t have to worry about bringing things into the room that don’t match.

Pink Dorm Rooms

Pink is a color associated with femininity, and more specifically with little girls, so girls who are going off to college may shun this color because they feel it is not “grown-up” enough.

However, most shades of pink evoke relaxation and a sense of calm, much like blue and green. For a more “adult” pink look, consider muted shades of rum pink or darker pink, or combine shades of pink with blues, greens, or neutral colors.

Black Dorm Rooms

Depending on how it’s used, black decor can have several different effects. Black is sometimes used to evoke a sense of alternative quirkiness.

At the same time, black can be perceived as modern and sophisticated, especially when combined with white, gray, or gold. Black is also a neutral color that can be combined with shades of beige or tan for a homey or no-nonsense effect.

Choosing Dorm Room Furniture

Most dorm rooms have limited room, so adding lots of furniture is not realistic. However, one or two unique and colorful pieces of furniture can make a dorm room look a whole lot less institutional and a whole lot more stylish.

One of the most functional pieces of furniture to add to a dorm room is a comfortable chair. Beanbag chairs, sleep chairs, and Papuans are some of the most popular choices, but any old comfortable chair will add a nice touch.

Some students decide to opt out of the traditional dorm room bed and replace it with a more comfortable college futon or dorm room loft bed.

Both of these options add character to a room while saving space and offering more options for dorm room storage. Another useful piece of furniture is a dorm room divider, which can help students carve out more space creatively.

Cheap and Creative Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating doesn’t need to cost lots of money, and with a little creativity, students can find ways to transform basic rooms into eclectic little homes.

One simple idea is to skip college student wall posters, which can be expensive and a little bit cliche, and decorate the wall with more unique objects. For example, try decorating the walls with a colorful postcard collection, or with sports memorabilia.

Another way to decorate a dorm room cheaply and creatively is to remove some of the institutional dorm room features and replace them (temporarily) with handmade or inexpensive replacements.

Since typical dorm curtains scream 1976, try replacing them with inexpensive curtains from home. Or make some inexpensive knob covers to add color to the dresser.

A dorm room may not be a long-term residence, but it may as well be a cozy and attractive one. Life as a college student is stressful, so spending a little time decorating a dorm room can be well worth it.

Take the time to choose the right dorm room colors and furniture and find creative and inexpensive ways to decorate the walls and the rest of the room. The results may not look like a magazine, but they won’t look like an institutional dorm room either.

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