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15 Common Mistakes to Avoid & How to Fix Them During Interior Design

Each of us likes to reside that is suitable to our lifestyle. There will be enough space inside the room, the spacing will be perfect, furniture decorations will be accurate, the color combination of the room will be perfect with the overall design.

Several factors have to keep in mind. But many people make some common mistakes that may seem to be silly at that time. But those mistakes affect a lot later on when they start to dwell there.

image - 15 Common Mistakes to Avoid & How to Fix Them During Interior Design
15 Common Mistakes to Avoid & How to Fix Them During Interior Design

Most of us have a plan to decorate our rooms with great design. But there may be some lackings or corrections which need to be corrected immediately before it is too late.

But if you have already designed the interior home design, no need to be worried about it. There are ways to fix those mistakes easily.

In this article, we will inform you about 15 common mistakes to avoid & how to fix them during the interior design. Let’s see what new things we have got for you.

15 common Mistakes During the Interior Design and Their Fixations

Here we will include the worst interior design mistakes that people generally make during interior design. Notice whether you have included it in your planning.

1. Not Having a Plan at All

The major mistake is not having a plan at all for the interior design of your residence.

Without planning, nothing aesthetic things can be made. Rather everything becomes so much puzzled when you are trying to do decore your rooms without having a plan.

At first, measure the length, breadth, and width of the room that you want to design. Draw a sketch where you want to allocate your furniture and all sorts of staff. Then make proper planning keeping in mind furniture adjustment, bed adjustment, window position, and other factors.

2. Extreme Budget Buying

Sometimes the budget may be up to the mark. The products you have bought may have high prices which you could get at low prices. At first, check whether you will get the desired product at comparatively lower prices.

Also, keep in mind that the products you are buying are durable. Duplicate and many cheap products will not last for long. Before starting the decoration make sure about the budget whether it’s affordable for you or not.

3. Hanging Art at The Wrong Level

Artistic things attract people more than other things and the mind becomes cheerful.

But the problem arises when you place it at the wrong eye level. If you put it so high or low from the ground then it will look like disgusting stuff. At first, get to know about the average eye level.

It is approximately 1.5 to 2 meters from the ground or surface. You have to fix the art piece between this range. I prefer adjusting it 2 meters high from the floor.

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4. Failing to Measure Your Room

False measurement of your room is an alarming problem that will make permanent damage to your dream residence. Again, you may not make the budget according to the plan.

Take the perfect measurement of the length, breadth, and width of the room. And, make your demands budget-friendly. Don’t go for too high demands. Make the demands which you can afford.

5. Failing to Establish a Focal Point

A focal point is the main attraction of a room. When someone enters the room, the focal surface is termed the focal point of the room. It may be a fireplace, artwork, window, or whatever.

It is one of the common mistakes of interior design. At the focal point of your room, you can place the beautiful artwork at a right eye level. You may also place the furniture there.

6. Neglecting to Contact an Interior Designer

An interior designer knows very much better about the placement of things inside a room. But many of us think it expensive to contact an interior designer during the interior design of our rooms.

Contact an interior designer before designing your room. Though it will charge a little bit, the result will be very much helpful for you.

7. Being Fearful of Color

The color of the wall is an important issue in interior design. People become nervous picking up the right color for the wall and at last choose the wrong one which makes the wall course.

Pick the right color for your room wall after considering several points. Whether the color will be awkward at night, will it good look after a few months? The wise choice is to select one specific color.

8. Too Many Decors Pieces

Decor pieces are attractive items to decorate your room perfectly. But it should be limited keeping the spacing of your room in mind. Many people just buy decor pieces without considering the spacing.

Buy décor pieces considering the spacing of your room. Too many décor pieces are not necessary to make your room beautiful. A little but well-decorated décor piece will be enough to increase the beauty of your room.

9. Wrong Size Rug

When rugging the floor, people usually forget to measure the floor. Then it looks odd for not fitting the floor perfectly.

Take the length and breadth of the floor. Then buy the rug with your favorite design having perfect size.

10. Placing Furniture Against the Wall

When you place furniture against the wall, it looks odd and hinders the beauty of the room. Most of the badly designed rooms have this mistake in common.

Don’t place the furniture against the wall. If they are already placed, move them to space and adjust it to find the perfect place.

11. Choosing the Wrong Size Furniture

Some people fall into the trap of matching furniture sets which cost more space from your room. Again, some choose dark furniture and set them in small spaces.

Select the perfect furniture for your room. Keep the height of the wall in mind. Don’t go for too high or low furniture.

If you have a very small space then don’t buy dark furniture. Try to avoid going for matching furniture sets.

12. Not Having Multiple Light Sources

People give less importance to selecting light sources in their rooms. But it is an important factor. Less amount of light will not reflect the beauty of your room. It will let all your investments go in the garbage.

Contact with an electrician to make several light sources. Adjust lights on the four sides of the wall. You can also keep only three sources apart from the entrance side.

13. Plain Walls & Lack of Accessories

When designing the interior part of a room, some people forget to make shelves on the wall.  For this reason, the plain walls don’t look so much attractive.

Make shelves on the wall before constructing it. If it is already constructed, still contact with a constructor. You can also buy some shelves of wood or plastic and attach them to the wall.

14. Hanging Curtains Too Low or Heavy Curtains

Curtains are also beautiful things to increase the beauty of your room. But the problem arises when people make mistakes by selecting too short or heavy curtains.

Hang the curtains after taking the length and breadth of the window. Heavy curtains should not be used. Go for a beautiful and less weighted curtain and don’t hang it too low.

15. Buying Fabrics & Textiles First

Sometimes people don’t buy the fabrics and textiles first before designing the room. It hampers the adjustment of them later.

When you will design the interior part of the room, buy the fabrics and textiles after judging the adjustment facts.

Then choose them according to your will and after designing your room, place them in the right place.

Last Few Words

So, these are all about 15 common mistakes to avoid & how to fix them during the interior design.

You just have to keep them in your mind when you are going to design the interior part of your room. And if you have already done a mistake then solutions are here.

For any more queries, you can comment below. Thank you for reading. Stay updated with our website.