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Composite Deck Maintenance Guide

A composite deck is often constructed with a non-wood material and is generally less expensive than decks made of wood. Composite decks require little to no maintenance and can last up to twenty years before needing replacement.

image - Composite Deck Maintenance Guide
Composite Deck Maintenance Guide

However, all outdoor building materials require some sort of care to remain attractive and in good condition. The composite deck maintenance guide below should help you know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done in order for the best possible outcome.

Maintaining your composite deck is easy, and can be performed by anyone. Tools are often not required, and the time commitment can be as little as a few minutes per week. For the best results, you should make sure to follow our composite deck maintenance schedule below.

Why Maintain Your Composite Deck?

1. To keep your deck looking its best, it is important to maintain your deck regularly.

2. Regular maintenance will ensure that your composite deck will look beautiful for years to come.

3. Composite decks require less maintenance than wood decks, but they do require attention like any other surface.

What If I Don’t Maintain My Composite Deck?

If you fail to maintain your deck, you could see it begin to deteriorate and fall apart. A poorly-maintained composite deck may begin to rust and actually experience water damage.

This can lead to expensive repairs and resurfacing of your deck if it is not in good shape by the time of the next rainstorm.

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How Often Do I Need to Clean My Composite Deck?

You should inspect your composite deck at least once every six months. During this time, you should also pre-treat stains and take appropriate steps to protect your deck. You can do this by regularly inspecting the wood of your deck. If you decide to utilize a stain or sealant, make sure that it is safe for composite materials.

How to Clean Composite Decking?

Cleaning your deck is the first step when it comes to composite deck maintenance. Cleaning your deck at least once a year will not only help you stay on top of what is going on with your deck, but it will also guarantee that you catch any problems or potential damages as soon as possible. Below are some tips for cleaning your composite deck.

How to Maintain Your Composite Decking Materials?

1. Using chlorine bleach is okay for making cleaning efforts simpler, as long as you mix it in 5/8 cup of water for every gallon of water when using it on your composite deck.

2. First thing will be to soak the deck after washed then remove any dead leaves or sharp objects before scrubbing it with a sponge and warm soapy water. Subsequently, scrub away any stains and dirt that you may have in your composite deck. Next, use a pressure washer to get rid of the debris that is stuck on your deck.

3. Finally, once you have removed all of the debris, wipe down and clean the surface with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Use a brush attachment to clean any dirt and stains off of your deck as well.

4. Remember to clean your deck with mild soap and water if any stains or other marks are not removed by the pressure washer.

How to Remove Mold or Mildew from a Composite Deck?

Sometimes, you may find that you have mold or mildew on your composite decking. This could be something that came about because of the materials used in the deck’s construction.

Mold and mildew can be very easily removed from your composite deck if you know how to do so. There are several steps that you can use for removing mold or mildew from your composite deck.

First thing, you will want to make sure that you don’t use any of the cleaners in the following steps on your deck if the wood is not naturally resistant to rot. So, before using any of these methods, test them on a small part of your deck first.

Then, once you’ve made sure that your deck is safe for cleaning with these methods you will want to mix one pound of hydrated lime into one gallon of soapy water.

After this, spread the mixture over the places where there are mildew stains or mold growths and leave it for about 24 hours. Afterward, rinse the affected areas thoroughly and allow them to dry completely before beginning work on your composite deck again.

How to Remove Stains from Your Composite Decking?

There are many different kinds of stains that you might find on your composite deck. Some of these may be the result of spills, while others could just be caused by means of normal wear and tear.

Regardless of whether or not a stain is the result of an accident, it is important to be able to effectively remove the stain from your deck. Below are some tips for removing different kinds of stains from your composite deck.

Household Stains

If there are any stains on your composite deck that have come about after an accident, then this is the best place to start.

You can begin by applying a non-abrasive cleaner directly to the stain, and then scrubbing in order to get rid of it. Once the stain has disappeared you will want to reapply a vinyl or acrylic sealer or paint over it.

Oil or Grease Stains

If you find that you have oil or grease stains on your composite deck then you will definitely want to take extra precautions to protect your deck from this type of damage in the future.

You can help protect your deck from oil or grease stains by applying a non-toxic chemical sealer over it. However, you should be aware that this will not stop the long-term damage that can come as a result of an oil spill.

It will help protect your composite deck from being damaged by oil, but it is not completely safe from the effects of oil spills. You may need to use waterproofing products to protect your composite deck for good.

Water Stains

Water stains on your composite decking can often be very difficult to remove and can even result in mildew and mold growth if they are left unrepaired for very long periods of time.

You can remove water stains from your composite decking by scrubbing the stain with mild soap and water, and then wiping it off. You will want to use an antistatic cleaner to remove any stains that are likely to be difficult or impossible to remove using this method.


While composite decking can be a very beneficial and cost-efficient addition to your home, it is important to maintain your deck so that you make the most of it.

You will want to make sure that you have a plan for cleaning and maintaining your deck on a regular basis, as well as an emergency cleaning plan for times when you really don’t have time for this.

The best thing that you can do for your composite deck is to use the products that are specifically made for it. This will help ensure that your deck lasts as long as possible.