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Different Types of Composite Decking and Their Usages

A composite decking board is a kind of artificial board that is made from recycled plastic film and wooden fibers. It is often referred to wood-plastic and a great alternative to timber.

Composite decking is becoming more and more popular nowadays for several reasons. It helps to conserve the forest and it is environmentally friendly and can be used as an alternative to wood.

image - Different Types of Composite Decking and Their Usages
Different Types of Composite Decking and Their Usages

There are different kinds of composite decking board which is used for different purposes. You have to know about all types of decking properly to know which one will fit for you. Then you can use composite decking perfectly.

If you don’t know the usages of different types of composite decking, you won’t get the proper idea to use them on the perfect side. But don’t worry about it. If you read the article properly, you will get the full idea about it.

Different types of composite decking and their usages are given below.

5 Types of Composite Decking Board and Their Usages

Do you want to decorate your house or garden area with composite decking? Then please do read about it in the next portion of the writing.

1. Solid Composite Decking

Solid Composite Decking board is a common type of composite board that we tend to see a lot in our home. Solid boards are heavy and used to make the permanent floors of houses, hotels, and offices.

Some of the cons of solid composite boards include their weight and their tendency to expand contract or warp in extreme weather conditions which can loosen fasteners around the joists.  Moreover, it’s also challenging to build a deck on your own, if you’re using solid composite boards.

Uses: They are stronger and more durable. Homeowners traditionally use this, since they are long-lasting. So, they can be used for surfaces of the board, Swimming Pool Decks, pathways of the house, etc.

2. Hollow Composite Decking

Hollow composite decking boards are also called Blank composite boards. It can be less resistant to impact – so if you leave a heavy object on a blank composite board, it can tear more easily.

Hollow composite boards look a bit less like wood and require caps or fascia boards at the edges. It can get rotten if the plugs are not properly connected and the water can rot it.

Uses: They are lightweight decking materials hence, used for installing cables and wires, Cladding and Siding, etc. You can get the best quality decking board in the budget from thecompositedecking.co.uk. So, have a try.

3. Uncapped Composites

Uncapped compound decking can be considered as the first-generation version of compound decking. There is a risk of fading, staining, and molding in uncapped compound decking boards.

On the other hand, the caped combination decking has a cover that is attached to the core during the manufacturing process.

Uses: Uncapped materials are less sturdy and more vulnerable to damage. To prevent damage, these types of older composites need to be maintained regularly.

Hence, nowadays, they are less used in sustainable projects. But, they can be used in Pretty Planter Boxes, Birdhouses, and DIY projects.

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4. Capped Composites

Capped Composites boards are very popular nowadays. This short-sized combined decking has a thin, PVC-like veneer, or cap. This cap provides protection for the combination below.

The cap is also formulated separately to provide increased discoloration, stain, and scratch resistance. The caped combinations on the app board also lack the feel of real wood.

Uses: They are the newer generation of composites. Most of the composites on the market now are capped. They are used in the garden area, outdoor decorating, Swimming Pool Decks, pathways of garden and house.

5. Combined Boards

Combined decking boards are better than wood as it requires less maintenance. However, a little maintenance is needed. So, if you want to keep your deck boards as long as possible while maintaining an attractive appearance, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Here you will find guidelines on how to protect a deck made of mixed boards from the environment.

Usages: They can be used on the board of the garden. You can use these in the room, Birdhouses, and Feeders.


Composite decking boards are very useful to decorate the house, garden, or swimming pool. They are very strong and beautiful. You can get various types of boards in the market. But Different types of boards are used for different purposes and areas.

Here, I have tried to give you a proper idea about the various types of composite decking boards and their usages. The proper use of decking boards in perfect space will help you to decorate the area more attractive.