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Concrete vs. Steel Staircase in Asheville Nc- What Are the Differences

A staircase is essential for our home and office buildings no matter whether your building staircase is an integral part of buildings.

It is a costly expense, so when installing a staircase, we make a closer analysis such as designing, staircase, the process of its functionality, choosing the right materials, and other necessary features that ensure its better performance durability.

image - Concrete Vs Steel Staircase in Asheville Nc- What Are the Differences
Concrete Vs Steel Staircase in Asheville Nc- What Are the Differences

Among all other features to consider for a staircase, the material is much more important because the performance of your staircase heavily depends on the staircase. We need to choose a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective material.

When we are choosing the material, two widely used materials are concrete and steel. But what is better and what are the differences.

What Are the Differences?

We can compare the steel staircase and concrete based on some features read and know which one is better for you. If you want to install a steel staircase in Asheville NC is it good, or you should choose concrete.

Comparison of Durability

The durability of your staircase is most important than every feature because it is not a routine expense, and we install the staircase one time, so there is a need for the correct decision.

When we compare the durability, we find that steel is a durable material and has a longer life than concrete. Steel is manufactured with carbon and irons, making a very hard material that becomes very tough, strong, and durable when combined.

The steel comes after galvanizing, making it fit for use at any place in any environment because it shows more resistance against corrosion. So it is fit for you to install in an area where the rainfall ratio is more. If you are thinking of installing a steel staircase in Asheville NC it is the right decision because the weather remains cloudy and the rainfall rate is high.

But the concrete material shows less resistance than steel, and with every wash, its condition becomes poorer.


Steel material is made with less material than concrete that also needs less cost than steel material. But it gives a charming look and safety than a concrete staircase. Another important feature is that Steel material also installs quickly and takes less effort and time, saving your money on installing the staircase.


Steel provides an opportunity to the architects to make different designs of a staircase than concrete. It is quite easy for the architects to mold the steel in the desired shape according to use, cladding, treads, finishes, location, layout, balustrade, and any other design to meet the requirement of the building and its specifications.

While the concrete structures are difficult to cast for designers to get the right and desired shape, it is quite difficult to give it more shapes and designs like steel. If you also try some design, then it loses its strength or looks tedious and overlooked.

You have plenty of choices to cut the steel staircase anywhere, but such flexibility is off in the concrete staircase.

Recycling Features

Over time concrete, after using becomes useless, but no worry about steel material; it can be easily recycled and can also turn into new steel items.  Steel is hundred percent recyclable.

 So you can also use it for other purposes or sell it when you want to replace it and earn money from scraped material, but such features are not available for a concrete staircase.

After wear and tear, it becomes useless for us.

Why is Steel Staircase Better in Ashville Nc?

Asheville NC is a rainy year where concrete material damages early because it has low resistance against water.

But modern steel staircase in Ashville NC is a good option because steel show more resistance against weather effects, and it is also cheaper than concrete material. You can also recycle and use steel for other purposes because it offers a hundred percent recycling features.

Final Thoughts

Staircase are necessary for every building, in our commercial buildings or residential having staircase is necessary. It not only benefits us but also makes our building beautiful and charming.

Concrete material is the most recommended material for the staircase, but now the steel staircase is replacing that because steel material has exceptional features that make it one of the effective and better options for staircase than concrete material in Ashville, NC.

The reason is that steel material shows greater resistance against weather effects than concrete material.