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Construction Marketing: 11 Tips for Building a Better Audience

Running a successful construction business requires total dedication, from overseeing several subordinates to getting paperwork done and purchasing raw materials.

It all starts with proper planning and marketing. Construction marketing relies heavily on relationship building. A start-up construction business can gain serious traction by joining an industry association.

image - Construction Marketing 11 Tips for Building a Better Audience
Construction Marketing 11 Tips for Building a Better Audience

Besides quality connections and enhanced reputation, member companies also benefit from cost-effective marketing and advertising strategies.

A leading home remodeling contractor, Catenacci Construction LLC knows the value of investing in cutting-edge marketing solutions to grow a construction business.

The list below highlights 11 tips construction business owners can use to build an audience:

Make It Easy for People to Find You

A construction business can enhance its market visibility by making contact information easy to find. Using this strategy, customers looking for home remodeling and other services can get in touch with you faster.

The most effective strategy is linking the phone number with your brand. You can place your phone number on company flyers and platforms like Google search.

With sufficient capital, you may consider street billboard advertising.

Setup User-Friendly Website

Customers looking for construction work such as kitchen and bathroom renovation often use company websites to request services.

This means construction businesses with no website stand a risk of being overlooked. Creating a user-friendly website promises more business value and increased customer engagement.

A user-friendly website is easy to find, mobile-friendly, informative, visually appealing, and simple to navigate.

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Use Targeted Social Media Marketing

Social media presents a perfect opportunity for businesses to connect with the audience in an accessible and more engaging setting.

Homebuilders can use Instagram and Facebook business pages to strengthen relationships with current and past clients.  You can also use these platforms to execute location-based, targeted marketing effectively.

Use Google Local Ad Service

A standard Google Search and Display ads are beneficial in providing successful leads. You can move further and incorporate Google’s local services ads in your construction marketing plan.

These ads are configured for specific searches and will appear on search results with a Google Guaranteed Badge and company phone numbers.

Add Reviews and Testimonials

One of the best strategies for building customer trust is encouraging happy customers to speak on various platforms.

You can feature customer case studies using Google and paid search campaigns and video testimonials for social media promotions.

The reviews and testimonials will send a strong signal to prospects that you are a trusted service provider.

Use Video Content to Your Advantage

The popularity of video narratives has forced many businesses to create compelling videos that speak directly to the audience.

It is instructive to know that many people who use the internet spent extended time watching videos.  A construction business can use this strategy to increase organic SERP traffic and revamp brand personality.

Create an Informative Blog

In addition to the construction company website, an informative blog is a valuable resource to a business. The blog can act as a valuable asset with the potential to increase conversion.

The other benefits are strengthening website quality, building better SEO, and encouraging organic leads. Construction customers will also benefit from the information pool.

Let Telemarketing Work for You

If used appropriately, telemarketing has the potential to transform a construction business into a very successful entity.

The most effective strategy targets the right audience and gives them reasons to try your service or products. For optimal results, remember to set quality leads and arrange for one-on-one meetings with prospecting customers.

Nurture Good Old Word of Mouth Advertising

Even with advances in technology like scraping Crunchbase or LinkedIn for leads, the good old word of mouth never dies. A construction business owner can build a solid reputation by sending positive vibes via word of mouth.
More importantly, satisfied customers will be more than happy to share their experiences with others.

Create Eye-Popping Pre-Construction Virtual Tours

Real estate statistics show furnished homes sell much faster compared to empty homes. With this in mind, a construction company can stage a virtual 3D presentation to showcase a home.

The technology makes it possible to add various pieces and colors to capture the audience’s imagination.

Deploy High-Quality Aerial Imagery and Photography

Showcasing high-quality images can present your brand, product, and service in a positive light. Using a drone-shot aerial photo in real estate marketing will enable you to capture complex shots from a broader angle, thereby attracting curious customers’ attention. You can hire this service from a local, professional photography company.