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Ways in Which Modern Landscaping Impact the Environment

Most people would agree that attractive landscaping around a house or commercial site is essential to its overall appeal.

Landscape designers in the past created beautiful landscapes but didn’t always consider the preservation of the environment. Today’s landscape designers are looking at new ways to achieve a perfect look with sustainability in mind.

image - Ways in Which Modern Landscaping Impact the Environment
Ways in Which Modern Landscaping Impact the Environment

At one time, the natural environment used to provide habitats for wildlife, prevent floods, and capture excess carbon.

Unfortunately, new housing has eliminated much of this natural environment. Modern landscape designers are working to create sustainable gardens meaning that humans and the biosphere can exist in harmony.

Economic Benefits

Landscapes that place the right plant in the right space can save water. Shade-loving plants grown under taller plants thrive, and sun-loving plants are grown in the sun will grow well.

Using native plants or cacti can also conserve water. Another advantage of using native plants is that they will be pest-free so will not need chemical herbicides.

Rain gardens and rain barrels that save rainwater are another way of saving money. While lawns can be beautiful, they take lots of water to keep them looking that way.

There are alternatives, such as a circle or square of cobblestones or permeable pavers with native plants interwoven.

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Environmental Landscaping Benefits

Using native plants provides a healthy environment that encourages wildlife. Native plants grow naturally in a given region so are used to having a specific amount of water and are used to the climate there.

using deep-rooted perennials can stop soil erosion and provide seed for the following years. Reduction of the number of lawns helps keep clippings out of landfills and reduces the need for artificial fertilizers which end up in stormwater drains.

Trees can not only provide shade for homes but can capture carbon also. Mulching of plants is another good environmental move. It stops the soil from drying out and prevents erosion.

image - Environmental Landscaping Benefits

More Free Time

Today’s methods of sustainable landscaping allow homeowners and commercial sites to have beautiful surroundings while saving time.

With just a little pre-planning much time spent on gardening chores is reduced. Mulching is one way to cut down on weeding and has the advantage of adding nutrients to the soil.

Not having a lawn is a great time saver. You won’t have to mow or water it.

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