COVID-19 Protection: Glass Sneeze Guard for Counters of Hospitals and Medical Stores


For several decades now, sneeze guards have been a part of the foodservice industry in order to protect the food from different types of germs and bacteria that can easily spread through coughing or sneezing.

However, due to the current state of the world, this product has a new use, and that is to protect customers and employees from the spread of COVID-19 at the office counters and checkout counters of medical stores and hospitals.

In order to stop or prevent the increase of germs during transactions, many medical stores and hospitals have started using a glass sneeze guard.

Plus, this product is not only beneficial for medical institutions, but also places like grocery stores, banks, and other essential businesses can use it as well.

Because of the effects of COVID-19, the whole world’s system has been altered tremendously. Social distancing has become a new way of life.

However, how can you make sure that everyone will follow the given protocols since all this is still relatively new?

Therefore, in order to make sure that both of the parties, the customer and the employee, are safe from the spread of the virus; a product like this one should be an essential item in every type of work environment.

image - COVID-19 Protection - Glass Sneeze Guard for Counters of Hospitals and Medical Stores
COVID-19 Protection – Glass Sneeze Guard for Counters of Hospitals and Medical Stores

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What Is a Sneeze Guard?

This item was initially created to keep food safe from any sorts of contamination in the foodservice industry.

It was in the late 1950s when these shields were created and patented for the first time by Johnny Garneau, who was an inventor and a restaurateur in Clarion, Pennsylvania.

This protective panel and acrylic glass sneeze guard’s job is to protect people from anyone who might be showing symptoms of this virus or perhaps continuously coughing or sneezing.

Moreover, this shield forms a barrier that greatly lowers the exposure of the employees at their workplace to any kind of health hazards.

Glass Sneeze Guard Specifications

Glass Sneeze Guard


  • The Different Heights: 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches.
  • The Different Width: Up to 60 inches are available.
  • The Type of Glass: Clear Tempered Glass.
  • The Thickness of the Glass: ¼ inches or 6mm.
  • The Color of the Hardware: Black, Tan, and Grey.
  • Hardware: Steel supports that are welded together. It comes in a full form and a short form.

How to Use the Glass Sneeze Guard In Order to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

These high-quality sneeze guards are specifically designed for the purpose of protecting one individual from another.

It was made for people who have greater chances of coming in contact with each other, for instance, customers, clients, and other individuals during any business activities.

These protective panels and sneeze guards are easily portable and are ideal for places like hospitals and medical centers, especially the reception area where the employees come in contact with all sorts of patients and other individuals.

You never know who might be showing symptoms of the virus; hence, a shield like a sneeze guard should be a compulsory piece of equipment in these important places.

Moreover, a protective shield like this makes sure that the health workers, who are taking their time in order to attend to the people before anything else, are always well-protected and safe throughout their time at their respective workplaces.

Furthermore, these shields are the ideal acrylic glass barriers for the point-of-purchase places in several types of official environments.

These protective shields can be used as glass counter partitions in places like offices in order to keep the employees protected. By doing this, you will be preventing any further spread of this dangerous virus.

In order to make sure that the people follow the proper rules of social distancing, these custom sneeze guards can also be incorporated in other places and locations, such as cafes, grocery stores, pharmacies, and every other point-of-purchase place in order to keep the spread of this virus at bay.

Moreover, this ensures that the people, who are at the forefront of providing all of the essentials that everyone will need in order to continue living their life normally during these tough times, are always kept out of danger and are always guarded.


In the end, these tough times have truly changed how the whole world works. This is the perfect opportunity to work hard towards becoming a productive member of society.

The last thing we can do is keep ourselves plus everyone around us, as safe as we can. That is why, these glass sneeze guards are the perfect and necessary addition in every hospital and medical store, including other essential places as well.

These shields will ensure that you never come in contact with anyone and always stay safe wherever you work. Plus, this will not just keep you safe while you work, this will also protect everyone else that you will come in contact with throughout your time at your work.

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