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Sneeze Guard Barrier Become Compulsory in Commercial Settings in USA, Especially Departmental Store Counters

Coronavirus has changed many things in our lives. While we get used to the new normal and add the safety precautions in our daily life, the departmental stores face a shift in their operations as well. In such situations, the main motive is to ensure the safety of workers and customers.

However, how do departmental stores make that possible? They ask people to maintain a six feet distance while shopping. It isn’t possible to maintain the same distance at cash counters. Sneeze guard barriers come to the rescue and installing them at counters can help them protect the spread of coronavirus.

About Plexiglass Sneeze Guard

image - Plexiglass Sneeze Guard

Plexiglass barriers or Plexiglass sneeze guards prevent the transmission of coronavirus. The virus is spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes and the other person inhales the droplets. However, with the installation of a Plexiglass sneeze guard, you can prevent this from happening.

If you don’t know about this in-demand barrier, here is what you need to know. According to Marker, Plexiglass is formed by polymerization- the process where a monomer, such as a methyl methacrylate reacts with a catalyst, which is then molded into sheets. Moreover, it’s a shatterproof material and cheaper compared to glass.

The plexiglass industry is facing a huge increase in the demand for this material. They are working non-stop to meet the requirements as businesses start resuming work. Perspex, a U.K based brand shares that they have its acrylic sheet production by 300% from February to March.

This is a whopping increase, and if the vaccine for the virus doesn’t come out soon, the demand for plexiglass will keep on soaring.

How the Plexiglass Barrier is Handy to Stop COVID-19 Spread?

image - Plexiglass Barrier is Handy to Stop COVID-19 Spread

As you know, the droplets of an infected person spread coronavirus, while the plexiglass barrier works as a shield to protect the frontline employees and customers from the virus. When you place these plexiglass Sneeze Guard on the cash counter, it makes sure that the employees and customers are safe from the virus.

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Coronavirus Only Infect from an Already Infected Person

image - Coronavirus Only Infect from an Already Infected Person

If you think coronavirus can spread by air then you are wrong. You can only get this virus if you get in contact with an already infected person. Whether you shake hands with them, or you talk to them and their respiratory droplets reach you, only then you can catch the virus.

Another route is if you touch the spot where the infected person has sneezed or touched. So, even when you have the plexiglass shield installed, you should disinfect the working space after every few minutes.

Washing hands is also an essential practice during these times. The plexiglass barrier can protect and create a barrier, but you need to take care by following the other safety precautions to keep the virus away.

Safe Distance vs. Safe Barrier

image - Safe Distance vs Safe Barrier

The departmental stores welcome hundreds of customers every day and they might be carrying the symptoms of the virus. You can urge customers and employees to maintain a safe distance when they are shopping in the departmental store.

However, the cash counter is a great risk, as you can’t maintain a distance there. This is where the plexiglass sneeze guard comes handy to stop COVID-19 spread. It functions as a safety barrier and protects people from contracting the virus.

If we compare the importance of safe distancing vs safe barriers, both are equally essential in this pandemic.

Where to Get the Plexiglass Barrier?

image - Where to Get the Plexiglass Barrier

You can get the best plexiglass barriers for the COVID-19 protection from Fab Glass and Mirror. They have different sizes available to suit the needs of your departmental store. The best part is that they offer an affordable price compared to other sellers.

 So, what are you thinking about? Order now and install the plexiglass shields in your departmental store to ensure that you are adhering to all the safety measures.

Customers Prefer Stores That Take Maximum Precautions

image - Customers Prefer Stores That Take Maximum Precautions

If we talk from the customer’s point of view, they prefer stores that follow the maximum precautions and keep the health of customers and employees as their top-most priority

So, it’s the best time to increase your customer traffic and gain loyal customers in the time to come. The serious attitude of businesses during this pandemic shows their efforts and customers feel safe to shop from such stores.

The Final Verdict

To sum up, we can say that Plexiglass barriers are the perfect solution for departmental store counters. We have shared the reasons how these safety shields let the businesses work smoothly while protecting people from the virus.

The sneeze shields are an excellent addition to departmental stores and bring peace of mind to the customers and employees. What else do stores want? They look for smooth business operation and during the pandemic, plexiglass barriers can help them carry out their duties at the cash counters without any fear of catching the disease.

Stay safe and follow the coronavirus precautions!

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