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Sneeze Guard: An Inevitable Thing for The Help Desk of Your Organization Under Such Coronavirus Pandemic

The era of social distancing is here; it is no longer safe for you to work too closely with your colleagues. Health professionals are advocating for behavior change in all spheres of life. For some people this is not an easy lifestyle to adapt to – can everyone be trusted to put in a team effort in this fight? Well, the fact of the matter is that coronavirus is not giving us too many options as far as life preservation is concerned.

Everyone knows what to do to keep safe but can everyone be trusted to adhere to the rules? How can you influence your workmates, teammates, employees, and even clients to conform to the new safety guidelines? It’s simple, use a sneeze guard!

Why does the Sneeze Guard become Inevitable?

image - Sneeze Guard: An Inevitable Thing for The Help Desk of Your Organization Under Such Coronavirus Pandemic
Sneeze Guard

This protective barrier protects employees from colleagues who have signs of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing. By having such barriers within a work environment, there is less exposure of employees to potential health hazards. With glass barriers around them, employees are constantly reminded of their obligation to observe social distancing rules.

This is a crucial aspect of reopening the economy because those who must work when the heat of Covid-19 is at its peak are protected. Sneeze Guards offer protection of workers amongst themselves as well as protection from the general public.

Are you an employer who is committed to employee welfare? Having barriers against the novel virus at the workplace is the best way to express concern over the welfare of your workforce. Being a new addition to the office layout, many office managers might be concerned about their working spaces looking odd.

Make sure that you get the right to your office; this is easy when working with a professional. Actually, glass sneeze guards are made from high-quality transparent glass that compliments any space. As a widely used interior decoration material, glass can be quite versatile. Regardless of the environment in which it is used, the appearance will often be elegant and visually appealing.

What is the best way to incorporate sneeze guards into the workplace layout? For businesses that have direct interactions with customers on a daily basis, it is best to have them as a barrier.

Having glass counter partitions allows employees to serve customers on a personal level but with an adequate social distance between them. If the glass is kept clean, this new office look will breathe new life into the working area. The clear glass brightens up the office and this enhances the professional look of the environment.

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A Strong and Safe Sneeze Guard Made of Plexiglass

image - A Strong and Safe Sneeze Guard Made of Plexiglass

As businesses work up a regime of reopening during and after the coronavirus pandemic, it is the employers’ responsibility to keep workers safe while working. By nature of the work they do, most businesses might not be able to observe social distance effectively.

This is where PLEXIGLAS® comes in; this is an original acrylic glass that acts as an effective barrier for its clarity. Choosing to have sneeze guards made out of plexiglass is buying into a combination of safety and aesthetics. The following are some benefits to expect;

  • Protection for various applications
  • An easy alternative to glass when processing
  • Availability of permanent and portable options
  • Performance guarantee from the manufacturer

What Should be the Appropriate Size and Dimension?

image - Appropriate Size and Dimension of Sneeze Guard

Even before the coronavirus became a global respiratory health threat, most people had already come across the now popular glass shield. These barriers did not previously capture as much attention because they were used to protect food items lined up in a buffet against contamination.

It is recommended that the material of choice be scratch-free, shatter-proof, durable, and transparent.

Glass protection in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic is quite a clever innovation to keep businesses running at this time. The size of the display depends to a large extent on the nature of business. Ideally, it is assumed that the customer is 6 feet tall and will require 20 inches of horizontal space.

In cases of full-service mirrors, the barrier glass should be installed 60 inches above the floor and the work surface should have a 1.5 inches space.

Where to Buy?

From current trends, the coronavirus might be around for a while. Business owners, therefore, have no shortcuts when it comes to protecting both customers and employees. Regardless of your needs when it comes to the installation of sneeze shields, it is best to buy from the most expert and clean glass manufacturer and service provider as did by Fab Glass and Mirror in the USA.

Only a glass fabricator with a wealth of experience coupled with solid relationships with their suppliers will offer you the solution your business requires. This combination is crucial when it comes to cutting, shaping, and polishing a glass shield.

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