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Curtains vs. Blinds | Which is Better for Your Living Room

Which side do you want to stand on?

Is it better to hang blinds rather than curtains in your room? I have a lot to ask about this issue, and I think I will respond equally to those who need a breakdown of their advantages and disadvantages.

Now I must pay some attention to not selling curtains, but I will try to be as impartial as possible.

Although the discussion on curtains vs. blinds generally leads to a personal matter, there are definitely both advantages and disadvantages to be discussed.

image - Curtains vs. Blinds | Which is Better for Your Living Room
Curtains vs. Blinds | Which is Better for Your Living Room

One of the most underrated areas of a renovation is that most of us don’t really think about how to dress up our bare windows.

More than simply decoration, window coverings are necessary to prevent sunshine, sounds, and (eyes) entering your home.

For the most part, it boils to these two or blinds. What is best for the house, however? Fret not; our quick guide below will help you decide once and for all-are curtains (or blinds) better, based on your decor style, budget, and needs?

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Interior Style

It doesn’t depend on your mood / interior design all curtains or blinds are the same.

For example, curtains can be easily adjusted to a wider variety of designs as they are available in different thicknesses.

For example, light, sheer curtains in a minimalist or Scandinavian interior are great for exuding a light, airy mood.

Meanwhile, heavier, richer curtain fabrics are better suited for cozy, contemporary styles, in materials such as velvet.

image - Curtains vs. Blinds

But blinds are now regenerating;more local homes reflect the focus in the modern and Scandinavian styles as they are elegant, which helps imbue a sense of a room structure.

Pure white blinds show a sort of classical colonial elegance, while Venetian wooden blinds are nice to represent the” hotel “suite the looks at home.

Our Adjudication about Curtains

With its wide variety of fabrics, finishes, and colors, it is ideal for a wide range of interior styles (if not all).

Cost-Effectiveness & Cheaper in rates

“If cost is more of a concern here’s a thumb rule-curtains are often cheaper than blinds in general. Why?”

For what? Everything is in form, soft fabrics generally always are less expensive than hard wooden or plastic blinds.

More work is also required to create a blind, which may account for the rising prices.

Prices may, of course, differ depending on the type of fabrics or materials; a velvet/suede curtain can still be more costly than wooden blinds

The use of substitutes is another cost-saving way. You can go for faux silk curtains instead of natural silk to get that high-end, European style.

Alternatively, ready-made shelf curtains are far less expensive, but risk being unsuitable on your walls.

Materials like vinyl are cheaper than blinds of metal, wood, or textured blinds.

Our Adjudication about Curtains

In general, however, curtains are economical, depending on the kind of material you want.

Trouble-free Form of Maintenance

Curtains can be a better option than blinds if you want a more trouble-free form of maintenance. It takes less time to wipe out the curtains.

It can easily be restored by washing or drying the luster depending on the material type.

Venetian and vertical blinds collect dust quickly on the laths, which means that every lath needs to be cleaned by hand.

But with less demanding cleaning regimes-spot clean, dry clean or hand-wash-roller blinds are more convenient to maintain.

However, in terms of durability, blinds may be a more challenging choice. Curtains can fade over time, like all fabrics, due to exposure to sunlight and frequent washing.

Our Adjudication: Curtains and Roller Blinds

The fabric curtains are definitely easier to maintain if you want to save the trouble for manual cleaning. Yet durability wise, blinds are more durable, as curtain fabrics can be vulnerable to fading.

Light Control System

image - Light Control System

Let’s not forget the main point of having a covered window-blocking the light.

The curtains are thin, in particular the thick blackout curtains made from heavy materials, including brocade or suede. For better experience about blackout curtains, have a look at this post.

Although the curtains are nice to hold the light at a distance, the amount of light passing by cannot be managed much.

Blinds have a certain degree of control, wind up, and adjust the slabs to allow the sun to reach your favorite angle.

Our Adjudication: It Depends on Your Preference

It depends on your preferences. Go for curtains for light coverage. Go for blinds for control of the light.

Voice Controller

Curtains are also better than blinds, in terms of sound control.

Similar concept-gaps between the blinds, unfortunately, allow easy passage of sound. Not only can blinds hit the windowsills on windy days make a racket too.

High-weight curtains are ideally suited to block noise, particularly if the road or corridor faces your house.

Thicker, more dense fabrics help prevent the noise from penetrating the room. So it is the best choice for curtains vs. blinds.

Our Adjudication about Curtains

The increased density and versatility of the softer curtains lead to sound waves going by. Blinds may also be inconvenient because on windy days it can make quite a racket.

Pros and Cons of Curtains and Blinds

What will it be?

With every window option, there are pros and cons and many homeowners will find the necessary functions and aesthetics for their homes in combination with both curtains vs blinds.

You can download our free guide to select a curtain or a free guide to select blinds if you want more assistance in deciding whether curtains or blinds will be better for your home.

Alternatively, contact us for a free consultation at home.

To Summarise: Curtains Pros and Cons

Curtains Pros

  • Lots of available colors and designs.
  • Available more textures.
  • Different options on thickness (for instance, slight curtains or wide, hard, thermo backed ribbons).
  • It can save energy well, as fewer gaps.
  • Depending on the need you can get cheap blinds.
  • Perfect for building a specific interior design environment.
  • Better blackout curtains to block light.

Curtains Cons

  • Not as long-lasting material as blinds.
  • Curtains made to measure more expensive than blinds made to measure.
  • Most unfit for bathroom/kitchen.
  • Will reduce energy savings if the radiators are sealed.
  • Can’t use a light filter; it must be open or closed.
  • Maybe moldy, rusty, or eaten by the moth.
  • More difficult to wipe & clean.

To Summarise: Blinds Pros and Cons

Blinds Pros

  • Lots of available colors and designs.
  • Different options for slat size and thickness (e.g., Roman blinds lined)
  • It can offer well-fitted window energy savings.
  • Cheaper than curtains designed to fit.
  • Cleaner, minimal design of the interior.
  • Thicker than curtains.
  • It can be used at home anywhere.
  • Can light filter.
  • Cleaning and repair are simpler.

Blinds Cons

  • Not as good at blocking out light absolutely
  • Not as many textures (but still a decent range) available;
  • Slat blinds are not energy savers as good (e.g., Venetian, vertical)

Feeling of Warmth and Coziness as the Design Defines

 If you want to know about the design of curtains vs. blinds.

  • Then Curtains add texture and style to a room. They can be selected to match with the rest of the furnishings in color or stand out as a different feature.
  • The Blinds come in different colors, types, and textures, but not as varied as the fashion curtains. Ruts can offer a warm and comfortable feeling in the room.
  • The curtains fabric often acts as a buffer-sound too quiet in your room.
  • On the other hand, blinds make a room appear larger, as it is less intrusive and more easily fold out of the way.

Combination to Apply

Some homeowners chose to incorporate a range of styles and features with both ribs and blinds.

Another way to install an arrow hanging over a window is to add style to blinds by means of long decorative curtains.

These are more expensive options, but they can satisfy all the home needs

What about Other Options?

image - Curtains vs. Blinds | What about Other Options

You may consider getting any window valances made for it if you like the idea of curtains but not the thought of seeing a rod exposed.

Yes, really, for giving your hose a complete layered look, you can consider other options too.

There is another group somewhere between conventional blinds, shades, and curtains: partial-cover window treatments.

Café curtains (half-height, often with frills and eyelets) may be the most obvious choice,

Another treatment for the sleeper-pick window, which Adler recommends: vertical blinds.

There are some great upgrades that are much chicer so that you can choose the options rather than consider simple curtains vs. blinds.

There is always a lot of bad rap. They’re swinging back and forth, they’re clicking.”


Do you need both blinds and curtains?

Yes, some rooms need only blinds, some rooms simply need curtains, and then some rooms look best with both.

When picking window treatments for rooms in your home, there are a number of factors to consider between curtains vs. blinds, from price to insulation to style to orientation.

Choosing the right window treatments is down to a few considerations for every room in your house.

So, don’t break the bank or spend where you don’t need it, make sure you know where the sun is most intrusive in which rooms and go with a theme that suits your home’s atmosphere.

Blinds and curtains can complete a room’s appearance and make it feel like home.

What type of blinds is easiest to clean?

Blinds and Shades that are easy to clean are:

  • Cellular The most accessible products to clean are cellular shades, which have anti-static and dust-repelling properties that keep them fresh and require very infrequent cleaning.
  • Roller Shades.
  • Faux Wood Blinds.
  • Vertical Blinds.
  • Aluminum Blinds.

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