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Decorating Tips to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

About 22% of homeowners will spend between $5,000 and $15,000 on home projects this year. Re-decorating a new house can be pretty overwhelming and expensive for homeowners!

Most of them try to fill the blank walls with whatever they have left from their old house. However, a new house needs to reflect your fresh sense of style. Do away with everything that didn’t please you in your old house and revamp your space.

image - Decorating Tips to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home
Decorating Tips to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

A mixture of cherished antiques and new items will make the place feel like home within no time. Stick around to learn five practical decorating tips for your new home.

Define Your Style

When decorating your new house, it’s better to approach the project in no hurry. Take your time to map things on paper before you can head out to buy interior decorating materials.

You can take in details of your new house and envision what you want and where you want it. Looking for inspirations online will help you identify the right interior decorating materials. Once you define your style, it will be easy to make other decor decisions.

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Set a Color Scheme

Most homeowners set a uniform color scheme for all the rooms. However, it works best if you each room its color scheme. Pay more attention to the aura of the room.

You can choose warmer tones in the living room or kitchen to set a receptive aura. You can also use bold colors in bedrooms and other private rooms where you can feel free to express your unique style fully. An interior designer can help you pick out colors for the transitioning or accent walls.

Start With Big Art Pieces

Moving into a new home can inspire one to buy new statement pieces. The biggest piece in the room usually takes away most of the attention.

Besides, it’s usually the most used item in the room. Thus, it’s important to arrange every other piece around this one.

If it’s the family room, you can start with sofas. For the dining area, center the table first, then spare time to choose the right centerpieces. A lucite dining table agrees with most styling designs.

Room Function

Every room in the house has a specified function. However, some rooms have two or more functions.

For instance, a living room can double up as the office and dining area in some places. Therefore, you have to consider the room function when decorating your new house.

Fixed Elements

When decorating your new home, you’ll have to factor in fixed accessories. What color are the kitchen cabinets.? What texture is the bathroom floor?

All these factors will influence your styling decisions. Buy furniture or pieces that agree with the elements you have found in your house. Besides, you can also highlight the beauty of some of these elements by using contrasting colors.

Decorating Tips for Your New Home

Moving into a new house is tiring and exciting at the same time. Decorating the new home is the best part of this whole process.

Before you start, you might want to define your style. Then, deal with each room at a time. For the best results, follow the above decorating tips.

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