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Decorations to Get Your Apartment Holiday Ready [7 Crafts]

There’s nothing quite like the holiday season! Time to get in the festive mood by decorating your apartment. Here are seven decor items you can make by hand!

The lights. The trees. The occasional snowfall. The pleasure we take in giving (and receiving) gifts.

There’s something about the holiday season that’s simply magical! So, it’s no wonder that we look forward to holiday celebrations each and every year.

And when that festive feeling starts to creep in, there’s only one logical thing to do: decorate!

image - Decorations to Get Your Apartment Holiday Ready [7 Crafts]
Decorations to Get Your Apartment Holiday Ready

Looking for ways to save on holiday decorations this year? Looking for DIY projects that you can create with your loved ones at home?

Here are seven handmade decorations to get your apartment ready for the holidays.

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1. 3D Paper Snowflakes

Nothing puts us in the holiday spirit, quite like a gentle snowfall on a sunny day. If you’re looking for a fun and easy DIY project, paper snowflakes are the way to go!

Grab scissors, glue, string, and some paper. Now you can create three-dimensional paper snowflakes to hang all over your apartment.

You can display them in a window. You can hang them in a doorway. You can even suspend them from strings above your dining table to create a winter wonderland theme for a dinner party.

Whether you make them large or small, handmade paper snowflakes can make a big impact in any room.

2. Ornament Wreath

The holiday season practically requires you to hang a wreath on your door. But it doesn’t have to be a green wreath with holly berries or a rustic wreath with twigs and pine cones.

An ornament wreath covered in Christmas balls is the perfect way to add color and whimsy to your apartment door.

You can make an ornament wreath to coordinate with any theme you like. Opt for colorful balls for a vibrant, festive holiday look.

Keep it traditional with Christmas balls in red and green hues. Create an icy, wintry wreath with white, silver, and glitter balls that you can leave up until spring rolls in.

All you need to make an ornament wreath is a round frame, garland, a hot glue gun, and Christmas balls. Just wrap the edge in garland, then start gluing your ornaments on. It’s as simple as that!

3. Pine Cone Mini Tree

Inexpensive and easy to make, a mini pine cone tree will instantly add natural, rustic style to any room.

Make a few in different sizes and scatter them across the mantel above your fireplace. Place one or two on each end table in your living room. Use them in conjunction with votive candles and natural green garland to create a welcoming and inviting tablescape.

Prefer a glam look to a natural one? Before you assemble your trees, spray paint your pine cones in metallic gold and silver tones!

4. Wine Bottle Vases

If you like to drink wine, there’s a good chance you have a few empty bottles on hand. Rather than putting them into the recycling bin, turn them into wine bottle vases.

With spray paint or brushes and a small can of paint, you can turn an empty wine bottle into a decorative vase to hold flowers, buds, or sprigs of red berries.

The best part of this DIY project is that you can get as creative as you want.

Color your empty glass bottles red and paint on Santa beards and hats. Paint them white and add snowman eyes and orange carrot noses. Decorate them in fun, playful patterns, such as red and white candy cane stripes or colorful polka dots.

There are endless ways to paint and decorate empty wine bottles. But our favorite way is to use them to spell out festive words.

Take three bottles and paint them with the letters J-O-Y. Have four bottles? Paint them with N-O-E-L. Have five empty bottles to spare? Paint them with the letters P-E-A-C-E.

5. Modern Charlie Brown Tree

With a large glass bottle or jug, a sturdy twig, and an ornament or two, you can create a modern version of the classic Charlie Brown tree.

The trick to pulling this one off is to get a sturdy branch or twig. Just place a barren twig into the empty jar or bottle (any wood variety will do) and dangle one or two ornaments from the end.

This is the perfect handmade decoration for the minimalist who’s limited on space but still wants to get in on the festivities.

6. Mittens Advent Calendar

Advent calendars have been around since the middle of the 19th century (1851 to be exact). And they’re still a popular way to enjoy little treats, goodies, and surprises from December 1st to the Christmas holiday.

And while classic advent calendars may have little doors or drawers, we love the idea of hiding 24 days of surprises inside mittens instead.

To create a one-of-a-kind mittens advent calendar, gather 24 mittens in your favorite colors and patterns. You can keep it traditional with red and green mitts or make it fun and funky with mittens in bright colors and bold patterns.

Attach a twine or rope loop to each mitt, then use one long piece of twine or rope to string them all together.

Just remember, an advent calendar is only as good as the goodies it holds inside.

Depending on who you’re sharing it with, you can fill it with:

  • chocolates
  • candies
  • cosmetics
  • money
  • photos
  • spices
  • office supplies
  • love notes
  • coffee beans
  • gift cards

The options are endless!

Once you finish stuffing each mitten with the treat of your choice, string it up along a railing, against the wall, or across your mantel.

7. Jumbo Outdoor Christmas Lights

When you live in an apartment, decorating outside isn’t usually an option. But there is something fun you can add around your front door or on your sliding balcony door to give your exterior a fun, festive vibe:

Jumbo outdoor Christmas lights.

These lights won’t actually light up at night, but people will be able to see them from sunrise to sundown instead.

You’ll need some oval-shaped pieces of wood, some paint, and a few other supplies to pull this off, but it’s easy to do and easy to hang.

Once you’ve assembled your faux holiday lights, just attach them to a strand of garland and place them around your front door or a window. It’s the perfect handmade decoration if you’re looking to go big and bold this holiday season.


With just a few dollars and a few minutes, you can make all sorts of handmade decorations for your apartment.

From wreaths to trees to snowflakes, there are endless ways to customize and create one-of-a-kind holiday decorations.

Just let your creative juices flow. No matter your style, there are lots of easy and inexpensive ways to create a fun, festive space that you want to live in this holiday season!

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